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Serengeti & Matthewdavid combine to form Davis

October 11, 2011 | 11:57 am

With the Milwaukee Brewers and the St. Lous Cardinals squaring off in the National League Championship series, it's a banner time to be a Midwestern baseball fan. Well, unless like me you root for the Cincinnati Reds, or the Chicago Cubs and White Sox like Serengeti.

Indeed,the Windy City-raised rapper born David Cohn has constantly laced his lyrics with professional baseball references both obtuse and direct. On his 2006 gem "Dennehy," he devoted an entire song to Ozzie Guillen. He has a forthcoming track called "Don't Blame Steve," where he creates an alternate backstory to the Steve Bartman incident, while invoking ex-Cubs Shawon Dunston, Jeff Pico, Lloyd McClendon, Mickey Morandini, Paul Assenmacher and Andre "The Hawk" Dawson. If you're between the ages of 28 and 35 and have fond memories of '87 Tops, Donruss and Fleer, it will engender more nostalgia than any chillwave track. 

On Monday, the proflic SoCal transplant dropped "Levert," the first leak from his collaboration with the Brainfeeder-signed ambient-inclined producer Matthewdavid. In quintessential 'Geti fashion, he laments the Cubs' proclivity for always "signing cats like Ron Coomer, Gary Gaetti or an old John Tudor." Later on, he switches sports, mentioning going to the Bahamas to get a "tan like Michael Cooper."

Sampling Levert or something in a similarly suave and ornate vein, Matthewdavid's beat conjures melted tape memories -- the sort of thing you might remember your parents putting on during a late night car trip when you were too young to know what they were thinking.

Fittingly, the cassette tape was released Monday, available on David's own Leaving Records (the digital version drops next Tuesday). It augurs well for the perpetual evolution of the inscrutable Chicagoan, whose full-length solo Anticon debut, "Family & Friends," elicited raves earlier this year. While that project --a collaboration with Yoni Wolf of Why? and Casiotone for the Painfully Alone -- tackled weighty themes like drug addiction, bigamy and the reinvention of self, the Davis project sounds like a cross between Madvillain and Mitch Hedberg, with maybe a little Mitch Williams on the side.


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Download: (Via Altered Zones)
MP3: Davis -- "Levert"


-- Jeff Weiss