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Album review: 'Tron: Legacy Reconfigured'

April 5, 2011 | 11:43 am

Tron Daft Punk is allegedly nonplussed about (and uninvolved with) these remixes of its original synths-and-orchestra score for “Tron: Legacy.” “Tron: Legacy Reconfigured” proves the duo was right to keep its hands clean, as it’s a mess of a record that pulls off the neat trick of rendering the source material unrecognizable, yet adding little to the emotional world of the score.

That’s not for a lack of top-flight talent: Moby and Paul Oakenfold added dance-titan bona fides while upstarts such as Com Truise and Pretty Lights should have kept the sound au courant.

But the album’s failures just underscore what an impossible feat they were tasked with. How do you remix an orchestra, anyway? Moby’s take on “The Son of Flynn” is brooding and meticulous, and Avicii and Kaskade turn in capable floor-filling versions of “Derezzed” and “Rinzler.” But the rest makes an incoherent hash of work by a band known for careful detail.

--August Brown

Various artists
“Tron: Legacy Reconfigured”
Two stars