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The Knux return (finally) with new single, 'She's So Up.' Verdict?

February 16, 2011 |  2:36 pm

The-KNUX-700-Downtown-LA-Photo-Dan-Monick-hi-res-1024x682 Raised in New Orleans but based in Los Angeles, the Knux have kept it relatively low profile for the last few years. While most of their rap peers flood the market with constant product, the Lindsay brothers have never released a mixtape -- though they came vaguely close with last January's expletive-titled EP.

Instead, they've toured relentlessly, rocking most of the major domestic festivals and quite a few international ones. They've touted the merits of pizza on Twitter, and posted narratives of psychedelic journeys, experimental films, and Neil Young and Stooges videos on their Tumblr pages.

So, the news of the Interscope group's first single from their still-untitled sophomore album ought to be cause for celebration. At least that's the intent of "She's So Up," an uptempo party rock tune that finds the brothers veering away from their psychedelic hip-hop experiments into something more Billboard-friendly. After all, the forthcoming full-length will be released on Cherry Tree, the alternative-pop division of Interscope responsible for the massive success of Lady Gaga and the Far East Movement.

According to the duo, their new record promises to be "a fusion of guitars, beats, synths, and more, stripped down and swift as can be, all powered thanks to many late night listening sessions where the Stones mingled with the Clash, ZZ Top met Joy Division and the Smiths chopped it up with PM Dawn."

No word yet on what kind of conversation Morrissey and Prince Be had, but suffice to say that it probably involved sartorial flair and a shared distaste for KRS-One. As for "She's So Up," the song lives up to its aspirations, a jaunty and raucous slice of post-punk that pays tribute to the fairer sex and fast moves.

-- Jeff Weiss

 Head to RCRD LBL to hear the song and download it:


Photo: The Knux. Credit: Dan Monick