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Pop & Hiss Premiere: Take's video for 'Begin End Begin (Take Remix)'

February 17, 2011 | 11:23 am

In a local electronic scene so deep that it's often tough to keep track of, the impact of last year's spring album "Only Mountain" was partially drowned out by the maelstrom of attention lavished on the other Low End Theorists.

Indeed, the Alpha Pup Records debut of Tom "Take" Wilson merged an early Warp Records worship with the disembodied beats endemic to Wednesday nights at Lincoln Heights club the Airliner. Yet he was able to create a mood of his own: mercurial and eerie but deceptively head-nodding. Accordingly, it's a welcome development for his label to strike back with this month's "Only Mountain: The Remixes."

Enlisting scene staples Dibia$e, Mono/Poly, Tokimonsta and Free the Robots, along with other nascent bass artists, Take's songs receive a new life. Few more so than "Begin End Begin," the choice for the lead single of the new record. 

As the Anthony Ciannamea-directed video above displays, Take continues to cultivate an affinity for the baleful and bizarre. The seven-plus minute mini-movie includes TV dinners, canes, mysterious packages, cigarette huffing and enough old photos to occupy an octagenarian's attic. The combination of "X-Files" funk and incinerated memories creates a strangely poignant vibe. Chalk it up to the union of futuristic beats and images of unremembered pasts.

"Begin End Begin" or just rewind.

--Jeff Weiss Take: Begin End Begin (Take Remix) by ALPHA PUP