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Morning glory: Mike Watt's 'Hyphenated-Man' opera, manifested as a short film

February 24, 2011 |  9:06 am

On Thursday morning, Pop & Hiss received a quick little note relating to San Pedro bassist/Stooge/composer Mike Watt's most recent project, his third opera, "Hyphenated-Man." In the missive was a link to a video by an Irish painter, Norton Wisdon, and features the artist listening to Watt's opera while working. If you've got 15 minutes to see something beautiful while you drink your morning coffee, you probably won't regret it. (Note: the backing music for this clip isn't from "Hyphenated-Man," but one of Bach's "Goldberg Variations.")

The Times spoke to Watt last year while he was working on the opera. He described it thusly: "'Hyphenated-Man' is a voyage into the middle, without being all sappy about it. You played the game, but still you confront yourself: What is 'Man'? In middle-age you start asking yourself these questions, and it's not like you've gotta figure it out. But you're more open. There's more questions than answers."

-- Randall Roberts