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Grammy Awards: The Pop & Hiss choose-your-own Grammy-performance adventure

February 14, 2011 | 12:58 pm


And now we know what a vocal battle between Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith looks like. At long last, we have witnessed what happens when Muse is paired with some sprightly rioters. And never again shall we wonder just how much Christina Aguilera can exaggerate an Aretha Franklin tune. 

Whether you loved or hated the 53rd Grammy Awards, no doubt you have opinions on how to improve the performances. As such, Pop & Hiss fully supports the choose-your-own-adventure format, and the release of Jason Shiga's "Meanwhile" has us believing we're on the right path. 

So, here we go. You, reader, will play the role of a producer at the Grammy Awards. The nominations are announced in early December, giving you maybe a month or a month and a half to solidify the lineup. Your choose-your-own-adventure options below:

A) Let's book a teen star with a legend and try to connect the dots. 

B) Let's book one of the younger album of the year nominees and pair him/her with an idol.

C) Let's highlight a genre category, say jazz or bluegrass, and show the world what it's mising.

D) You know what -- let's just let an artist do his/her own thing, with minimal adornments and gimmicks. 

Choose wisely.

-- Todd Martens

Credits: Kanye West, top left (Reuters); Taylor Swift (Wireimage); Herbie Hancock (Getty Images); Jonas Brothers (Los Angeles Times)