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Grammys 2011: Details emerge on Arcade Fire's secret show; ticket locations, 9 a.m. venue announcement [Updated]

February 11, 2011 |  7:39 am

In predictably creative fashion, Arcade Fire has been teasing Angelenos for the last few days about the details of Friday night's "secret" show. Via Twitter feeds and strategically timed posts, the group and its marketing/publicity team have been slowly unveiling relevant facts. On Thursday night the band's Twitter released the following tidbit:

Arcade Fire (arcadefire) on Twitter_1297436638115

But chances are if you're an Arcade Fire obsessive, you know this. If you're not, you may be too late. The band also released three images shortly after tweeting, hints as to the whereabouts of the three secret ticket locations. Each was an image with a ZIP code on it.  

239370866 The ZIP codes are: 90036 (mid-Wilshire/Hancock Park), 90026 (Echo Park), and 90803 (Long Beach). Online commenters have reliably determined all three locations. The Echo Park tip had a origami bird on it, and is Origami Records, where people started camping out last night. There is a long line there.

The Long Beach ZIP code image had a fingerprint on it, and given that Fingerprint Records in Long Beach has just opened a massive new store, bets are that it's there (plus, FYF Fest's Sean Carlson, who's helping organize the show, used to work there). The mid-Wilshire tip was an image of a playing card with the king of spades on it. The words "El Rey" are "the king" in Spanish, and we're betting that this is the third location. (We'll confirm this when we drive by the location on the way to work.)

Pop & Hiss will keep you posted. Given that the venue is a 500-seater (we've ruled out the Glass House in Pomona), if you haven't already started planning for your ticket, good luck. This may be a difficult night for you. For the record: our money is on the show being downtown, at either the Regent or the Palace.


[Updated, 9:07 a.m.: This statement was just released via Arcade Fire's website:

Tickets are VERY LIMITED and will go on sale at noon on Friday at the following outlets ONLY:

Origami Vinyl
1816 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Fingerprints Music
420 E. 4th Street
Long Beach, CA

The El Rey
5515 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Please note these IMPORTANT DETAILS:

The ticket price is $30.00 and ONLY CASH will be accepted.  A service fee of $1.00 will apply at Origami Vinyl and Fingerprints Music but those sold at the El Rey will be free of surcharge.

There is a two-ticket limit for all purchasers.  Photo identification must be presented and registered at the time of purchase.  If you are purchasing two tickets, you must have the name of your guest available at the time of
purchase.  Both you and your guest MUST present photo identification at the venue in order to gain entry.

The location and time of the show will be revealed only to successful ticket buyers at the time of purchase along with more detailed instructions.

 Updated 9:11 a.m.: according to this Tweet, the show is at the El Rey.

-- Randall Roberts

Image: via Arcade Fire's Twitter feed