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Daft Punk to make cameo in 'Tron: Legacy'?

September 30, 2010 |  4:15 pm

Over at our Hero Complex blog, writer Chris Lee reports on the 23 minutes of footage he saw Wednesday night of the highly anticipated 'Tron: Legacy' film, which Disney is releasing in December. Equally anticipated is the score to the film, which French electronic duo Daft Punk has been creating in Los Angeles over the last two years.

The clip that Lee saw features a cameo by the acclaimed musicians, he writes: 

In the scene, a ponytailed dandy reclines on a small divan waving a translucent walking stick. He glances over to a glass partition where two suspiciously familiar-looking robots stand over a computer mixing board.

“We’ve got to give them a spectacle!” the ponytail dude exclaims, prompting Daft Punk (or at least two guys wearing the duo’s signature headgear — robot masks without which they have almost never been photographed) to trigger a barrage of digital fireworks.

The clip showcases a new side of Daft Punk, he continues:

In a later scene where Flynn is getting outfitted with matte black body armor for “the games” — think: neon-hued battle royale-meets-demolition derby by way of “American Gladiators” — by a phalanx of femme-bots, Daft Punk’s tuneage goes ambient. It’s an Art of Noise-meets-Giorgio Moroder-meets-Aphex Twin kind of vibe.

Read the entire post over at Hero Complex.

-- Randall Roberts