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The Rej3ctz enlist Chris Brown for latest dance craze

August 30, 2010 |  4:21 pm

Rejects Just when we thought we were caught up with all the latest dance crazes -- minus the Dougie -- the Rej3ctz are putting our feet back to work with a new jig.

As inventors of the Reject -- that tricky two step that transformed jerkin’ from an underground dance style to a movement -- the group, consisting of L.A. natives Mowii, Pee W33 and Bounc3, now wants you to do the Cat Daddy.

And to sweeten the deal, the group enlisted Chris Brown to help film the viral video for the accompanying single over the weekend at Venice Beach.

“We’re in an era where dancers are taking over. When you have the real deal, it’s authentic and not tailor-made,” Bounc3 said on the set of the video. “The dance is so popping, we just started doing it everywhere. It’s easy too -- my mama does it.”

The new dance, a less complicated take on jerkin’, has already taken off -- especially after Brown appeared on BET’s “106 & Park” show to promote his latest film, “Takers,” and put his spin on the dance. The singer took time Friday in between promoting the film to come help his friends shoot the video on the boardwalk, which proved to be a challenge within itself.

When the singer arrived to the set -- which was shot guerrilla-style -- there was no time to waste. A bevy of girls (including two gal pals who kicked off their flip-flops to run faster) had already ambushed the singer and the group quicker then you could yell, "Action." Echoes of screams (and a few obscenities hurled toward Brown, who will probably never be able to live down the Rihanna incident) rang out over Venice Beach as the crew made its way down the boardwalk doing take after take. A caravan of tourists armed with cellphones and cameras followed closely, getting all the action.

"Cat Daddy," the single, is featured on the Rej3ctz's mixtape, “TheFUNKtion vs theKICKback,” and will also be the lead single for the soundtrack off the new movie “We the Party,” directed by Mario Van Peebles and featuring the group.

“Nobody wants to see a rapper just rap. We’re taking it back to the days of Big Daddy Kane,” Mowii declared.

Take a peek at some behind-the-scenes footage below, and see whether you can pick up on the dance -- we’ve already dusted off our dancing shoes and started practicing.

-- Gerrick D. Kennedy

Photo: The Rej3ctz, from left,  Pee W33, Mowii and Bounc3. Credit: Pierre Auroux

Video credit: Gerrick D. Kennedy / Los Angeles Times