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Coachella releases lost & found list: photos of the weekend's orphaned cameras, keys and phones

April 29, 2010 |  7:37 am

Blackberrys_lockedordead "Any updates on the lost and found process? Really hoping to get my identity back (I lost everything and could barely get on my flight without a cavity search)," reads a post on the "lost and found" message board at Coachella's website, one of many desperate missives sent in the wake of Coachella 2010.

Or this ode to a missing Canon Power Shot:

"There were pictures of my family at a wedding the week before coachella. They were amazing, and so special. Pictures of all the women in my family, I was so excited to have taken them - you never know when you won't see someone again. There are also some pictures from my last day at my job. They're very obviously a going away party - I'm wearing a white top and took pictures with all kinds of people. There are also some pictures of bassnectar at Lucent La'mour."

Well, good news for the absent-minded and locked out: Goldenvoice has released photos of its lost-and-found stash from Coachella 2010 -- and apparently a lot of Blackberry owners have slippery hands. Among the dozens of Samsungs, Nokias, and Motorolas are at least four locked iPhones (don't even think about it: "we know wall paper images ... you need to identify ... we have chargers") and 13 dead or locked Blackberrys.  If you've lost a key that's tied to a baby's red tennis shoe, there's good news for you too.

And who knows of the illicit treasures stored away in these Coachella cameras? To lose a phone or a key is one thing, but to drop onto the turf the pictorial evidence of a debauched weekend is panic-worthy.

If you see your stuff in any of these photos, follow this link to instructions on how to retrieve it.

Oh, and it's unclear whether anyone can help "Daftmonkey64," who posted a query looking for something that he thinks promoter Goldenvoice may have misplaced: "any update on the where-abouts of coachella's integrity? I think it got lost this year..." 

-- Randall Roberts

Photo: some of the many Blackberrys lost at Coachella. Credit: coachella.com