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The new Glitch Mob single is ... a bit melancholy?

March 25, 2010 |  2:41 pm

Glitch200 For much of their young career, the default setting of the L.A. electro trio the Glitch Mob could be summed up in the title of their popular mixtape: "Crush Mode." Built off skittish, compressed-to-death drum loops and Dre-inspired synthesizers that could saw through metal, the Glitch Mob redlined practically every mixing board they played through for years.

But of their Low End Theory cohorts, the Glitch Mob is the last to release a debut album. For those who've wondered whether they've been dawdling, they haven't -- they've been wholesale re-inventing their sound. "Drive It Like You Stole It," the first single off the forthcoming full-length "Drink the Sea," imagines the synthetic strut of "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" as a bleary Ibiza comedown.

No epileptic edits, no throat-punch distortion, just a shimmering, spacey and unexpectedly sad track that Michael Mann needs to get on lock-down for a future "Collateral" sequel. The sound might not make for  brash mixtape titles, but it's an enticing turn for the band, which just made my Coachella must-see short list off of this.

-- August Brown

Photo courtesy Magnum PR