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Dum Dum Girls go all 'Wild One' for 'Jail La La'

March 29, 2010 |  5:55 pm

The music of the Dum Dum Girls has always seemed built for black and white. Guitars are laced with a vinyl hiss, and vocals go down with an-on-the-rocks stiffness. The band's first single, "Jail La La," has been around a while, but it's never sounded -- or looked -- as good as it does in their video debut. 

With their black leather and black tights, the Dum Dum Girls carry an old-school look of rebellion, and they cop some "Wild Bunch" swagger as they cruise down what is presumably the West Coast in the clip. The song feels a bit on the verge of going out of control, with the verse hitting a sudden down-shift before skidding into what becomes a chorus that's equally vulnerable and unsentimental. "Someone tell my baby," sings Dee Dee (Kristin Gundred), "or else he won't know I need saving." But the song is off and running before anyone is catching up to her.

The band's Sub Pop debut, "I Will Be," will be in stores Tuesday. 

-- Todd Martens