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Inara George at the Bootleg Theater: The saddest 'Bomb'

November 10, 2009 |  6:00 pm

Not every bomb looks or feels the same. We're all familiar with the crazy mushroom clouds in the sky variety, but on Inara George's new track, she woefully sings about another romantically lethal version that can steal in overnight. Over a somber thread of acoustic guitar, she sings, "Don't know where you've gone for good. I'm breaking up our house for firewood." A couple minutes into it, the song lifts off, the sadness breaking apart into the loneliest landscape outside "2001: A Space Odyssey." It's a gorgeous interlude, with synthesizers that sound like harpsichord keys chopped up over rumbling, dark drums.

"Bomb" is the single off of the new "Accidental Experimental," George's digital-only follow-up to last year's "An Invitation," her florid collaboration with Van Dyke Parks. Tonight she performs at the Bootleg Theater with Eleni Mandell, Daniel Martin Moore and Ferraby Lionheart, a bill that's something like the Los Angeles MENSA club for the emotionally intelligent. These singers know the heartbreak that they speak of -- but they make it sound beautiful.

--Margaret Wappler

Photo: Inara George. Credit: Autumn de Wilde