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Rate the Madonna, Lady Gaga skit

October 5, 2009 | 11:21 am

In a meeting of pop divas, "Saturday Night Live" brought together Lady Gaga and Madonna this weekend, having the artists trade barbs in a sketch. Pop & Hiss was unimpressed in an earlier post, instead focusing on Lady Gaga's gyroscope-enhanced musical performance.The artist stripped her songs of their synthy-trappings and instead focused on singing, even including some nostalgia-driven improvisation about New York into the performance.

It was the rare "Saturday Night Live" performance that went beyond a pure promotional play. But let's forget about the music for a second: Was the skit, in which Madonna met Lady Gaga on a fake MTV show, funny?

Our readers are mixed, with some even doubting that it was indeed Madonna on "Saturday Night Live." Reader Creeanze insists it was Scarlett Johansson and not Madonna, while another argues it was comedian Abby Elliott.

But most seemed to find the Pop & Hiss take on it a bit harsh. "It all felt a bit hastily thrown together, and little more than an excuse to show two pop stars in a cat fight," is what was written. Many appear to agree with reader TK, who wrote that it was "good natured of Madonna to go along with this skit." Reader Hold Up even thinks Pop & Hiss engaged in some Madonna bashing, writing that it "was a fun little skit."

Watch it above. Rate it below.

-- Todd Martens

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