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Lady Gaga: For all your back-to-school needs

September 11, 2009 |  4:19 pm


Despite sporting the occasional sharp-edged outfit and tackling the some PG-13 topics in her songs, Lady LADY_GAGA_FOLDER Gaga hasn't forgotten the kids.

Heading into this MTV Video Music Awards weekend -- live coverage here on Sunday -- Pop & Hiss is  bracing for a Gaga-related media assault in the coming weeks. In addition to performing on the telecast, there are unconfirmed reports that the official tour dates for Lady Gaga's upcoming fall jaunt with Kanye West will drop early next week. If Lady Gaga's go-to fan-site is correct, expect the fashion-loving pop stars to land in the Los Angeles area in mid-November.

Nevertheless, the former NYU student known as Stefani Germanotta wants you to keep busy in the meantime. This week, her official website made available a host of back-to-school products, all of which come with allowance-friendly pricing.

Six bucks will get you a pair of pens, or one can splurge for the $12.99 folder/notebook/pen package. A screenshot of the folder is above. If it's sturdy enough to carry West's 52-page book, then the two have a prospective tour bundle -- and an educational one (sorta), to boot.

--Todd Martens

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Photo credit: Associated Press