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It's official: Pavement is coming back

September 17, 2009 | 10:18 am

It's the most potent reunion rumor to tease the Scotch-taped hearts of indie rock lovers in the last few years. Oops, we mean "college rock."

Finally, the specter is upon us.

Break out the oysters and dry lancers: Pavement is reuniting. But not until 2010. What could possibly go wrong in the meantime?

The pride of Stockton, California, has confirmed to Billboard that the band will play a show on Sept. 21, 2010, at Rumsey Playfield in New York's Central Park -- and more dates are to follow. In fact, the term "world tour" is being tossed about -- which gives us pause. Gentlemen, are you rushing into things?

Information about how to get a magic ticket for the New York show is listed at the band's website. A pre-sale begins Friday, with a general sale on Sept. 25. Until Friday when we type in the password "ZOWEE," Pop & Hiss will stop breathing -- stop breathing! And darling, we won't be cutting our hair either. Wait a minute, this is sounding highly impractical, isn't it? We can't go around with our bangs in our eyes, for heaven's sake.

A news release from Pavement's representatives at Matador Records went out this morning, stating, "This tour is not a prelude to additional jaunts and/or a permanent reunion." OK, fine, you fuddy-duddies. But certain bright corners of the Internet -- like the post on Brooklyn Vegan that started all this hyperventilating -- are speculating that Pavement might appear at Coachella, which is where the band infamously unraveled in 1999.

So far, the Coachella camp is mum. If we get any updates, we'll let you know. 

We're not sure why, but Pop & Hiss feels a touch cynical about this whole thing. OK, certain members of Pop & Hiss do, like the person specifically referenced in the byline. Perhaps it's because the one time we saw Pavement for the Terror Twilight tour, they were absolutely awful. And this is coming from a rabid fan. What do you think? Terror in Central Park or Rattled by the Rush ... of Awesome?

-- Margaret Wappler