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The final word on Eminem/Bruno: It was staged, writes head writer

June 1, 2009 |  5:26 pm

Reader comments are still pouring in regarding Sacha Baron Cohen's in-your-face crash-landing on Eminem at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night, with a debate still raging as to whether or not Eminem was in on the joke. "Mr. Show With Bob and David" writing vet Scott Aukerman has thankfully cleared up the issue -- and stole a bit of thunder from MTV in the process.

He writes on his Tumblr:

Yes, the Bruno/Eminem incident was staged. That’s all anyone wants to talk about, so let’s get it out of the way.  They rehearsed it at dress and yes, it went as far as it did on the live show then.  Okay, you can stop reading this blog now!

But you shouldn't, as Aukerman provides a nice behind-the-scenes account of working with Andy Samberg and Akiva Shaffer, who tapped Aukerman to be their head writer for the MTV Movie Awards. He details an opening that was scrapped at the last minute, as well as the challenge of bringing Samberg's sketch-heavy comedy stylings to the MTV Movie Awards.

Feel free to pass doubt on trusting social-networking sites on the Web. But Pop & Hiss is using this as our moment to tip our hat to Cohen, Eminen and the entire writing team for offering a much-discussed bit, and moving on from discussing/debating the award show bit.

-- Todd Martens

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