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Blink-182 plotting a new album, but will it be unveiled on summer reunion tour?

May 19, 2009 |  6:52 am


Blink-182 has been in the studio recording a new record, but don’t expect to hear the album on  tour this summer. The pop-punk band’s reunion trek hits the Los Angeles area on Sept. 17 in Irvine.

“I think that people want to hear the old stuff right now,” said bassist/singer Mark Hoppus. “I think that people want to relive the old times, and the people who haven’t seen Blink yet want to see the songs they’ve been listening to the past few years. We’ll throw in some new stuff, but this is about reforming as a band and playing the songs that we grew up playing.”

Hoppus, speaking at a party  at the Hollywood Mexican restaurant El Compadre to promote the tour, said Blink-182 is still signed to Interscope Records. Though the tour may be focused on old material, fans should rest assured that the band’s reunion trek, which also features Fall Out Boy and Weezer, is not to rehash the late ‘90s, when Blink-182 was a staple on mainstream rock radio with “Dammit (Growing Up)” and “What’s My Age Again?” The band will indeed hit the road with a new single in hand.

As to whether or not the new cut will be released as an official single before the tour begins in late July in Las Vegas -- that’s still up in there air.

Said Hoppus, “Intescope will be putting out our next record, but I don’t know if the song will be coming out as a release -- a for-sale version for the tour or not, or if we’ll just debut it for the tour and let it sit it in ... badly-played live editions.”

Monday night’s Blink-182 party came a few day’s after the band performed at a private party in Hollywood, and a day after one of Blink-182’s tour-mates appeared at KROQ’s Weenie Roast. Weezer is said to have a new album due in the late fall or early summer, but sitting in the parking-lot adjacent patio of the Mexican cantina, the Rivers Cuomo-led band was not willing to entertain any questions on the band’s new material.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t want to talk about the record at all,” said Cuomo, looking to guitarist Brian Bell. “We want to talk about the tour we’re about to go on.”

All right, fine. So what about co-headlining a trek with Blink-182 and Fall Out Boy does Weezer want to say? Turns out not so much, as Bell said something about being “really honored” to tour with Blink-182, and “looking forward to playing all these cities again.”

Cuomo promises hits and a few covers, including the latest from Lady Gaga.

Whatever Weezer ends up covering, expect Hoppus to post it on his Twitter. The Blink-182 principal has been averaging about 10 updates per day.

“There’s actually a spam law against him,” says singer/guitarist Tom Delonge.

-- Todd Martens

Photo: Blink-182. Credit: Getty Images