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'South Park' has fun with Kanye West's ego

April 9, 2009 |  9:58 am

For the second time in four weeks, the boys at "South Park" have had some fun with our pop-music icons. After mocking the Jonas Brothers' empire, this week it was Kanye West and his alleged over-sized ego that was under attack.

The episode, available in its entirety online, came complete with a send-up of West's emotional "808s & Heartbreak," boasting a finale that derided that electronically enhanced Auto-Tune vocals that permeate the album. More fun, however, was the above clip from earlier in the episode, when West tried to tap into his "genius" superpowers to solve a schoolyard joke.

Entitled "Fishsticks," the episode's plot is based entirely around West's inability to get a joke. When West fails to see the humor, his natural assumption is that he was the target of the elementary school prank. This, despite the fact that the joke is sweeping the nation.

West hasn't reacted to the episode yet on his blog, although he did a post a piece of art he's fond of this morning. The drawing? An illustration of West's face, naturally.

-- Todd Martens