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Brokencyde aren't going away: New Mexico kids plot reality show and tap E-40 for forthcoming single

April 9, 2009 | 11:41 am


If you thought Brokencyde’s reign of musical terror was so 2008, color yourself mistaken. The screamo crunk kids from New Mexico are just getting started with your children’s not-yet-discerning ears, and they aim to make 2009 their very own via multiple high profile Warped Tour dates, several new videos (some with porn stars!) and even a possible reality show.

Not familiar with the act?  That’s likely because you are over the age of 18 and currently not on crystal meth. Let us get you up to, ahem, speed.

Music writers nationwide were stunned last year ... even shocked into confused adulation upon viewing a cringe-inducing video (“Freaxxx") by a band from Albuquerque known as Brokencyde (for more on the foursome, this piece is a must-read).

"Freaxxx," which we are still unable to post due to lyrical content, united nearly every critic in the country who heard the tune as a probable harbinger of garage band-induced musical bile from the 14-24 set raised on a motley mélange of Lil Jon and Linkin Park.

Unsurprisingly, the band (to be fair, “band” is a bit of a misnomer in this case, as no discernible instruments are played by any member) could care less what others think.  “There’s always gonna be haters,” Michael Montgomery said Wednesday at a video shoot inside the Key Club. “We’re living the dream right now and could care less."

By “living the dream,” we’re guessing Montgomery was referring to the shoot (a low-budget homage to the clip for Dr. Dre’s "Nothin' But a G Thang,” we kid you not) for “Booty Call,” a forthcoming single off Brokencyde’s June debut full-length for Suburban Noize Records/Koch.

“People say we’re not serious, but this album is gonna show that we do have talent," Montgomery said. He contributes backup screaming/vocals for the outfit, and spoke Wednesday between takes of what I thought might become the best video of 2009 after I spied this casting call on Craglist, which promised “trained wolves on set” and women running around in their underwear.

How dare you tease us with dangerous wolves and not deliver, Brokencyde?

“That didn’t work out,” the band’s manager, Jared Daniel Baker, sheepishly said of the lack of anything resembling a member of the Canidae family at the video shoot.  Instead, Brokencyde coaxed porn stars to the set (bad trade, we say). 

Adult actress Jayden James and several other busty ladies sulked in various states of undress beneath the Sunset Boulevard venue’s stage around 5 p.m., all looking somewhat bored.  James admitted that she had heard of the band only recently and that she was more of a Tech N9ne fan.

Maybe James came down because she heard E-40 was on the track.  Amazingly, Brokencyde have persuaded the Bay Area rapper to appear on “Booty Call," but E-40 proved as elusive as a gray wolf Wednesday and was nowhere to be found during that portion of filming, anyway.

And while we didn’t stick around long enough to see any women “run around in underwear for multiple hours,” as the video casting ad cooed, we did learn that Brokencyde is teaming up with possibly the only other band more despised by music critics (that would be Huntington Beach’s Millionaires, naturally) for a reality series pilot set to be pitched to MTV this month. 

The proposed show will follow both acts on one bus during the Vans 2009 Warped Tour (yes, both Millionaires and Brokencyde are on tap to play multiple dates this summer at the roving festival, despite objections from some and a recent smackdown courtesy of Senses Fail frontman Buddy Nielsen).

-- Charlie Amter

Photo: Jared Baker