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Michael Jackson expected to return to the stage

March 3, 2009 |  6:00 pm

As we move into Month 3 of 2009, we are met with our first substantial Michael Jackson tour rumor, which is arriving a little more than four months after our last Michael Jackson tour rumor. Pardon the skepticism, but we've been burned before. Remember Grammys 2008, when a Jackson appearance was such a sure thing that there were even advertisements? We do.

But nevertheless, this one appears to be legit. Check the above screen shot from Jackson's website, which is advertising a Thursday announcement from mega-concert promoter AEG Live. Although the word "tour" in the first paragraph may not be fully accurate, as initial indications are that you will have to travel to Jackson rather than the other way around.

BBC News reports that Jackson is expected to announce a series of "summer comeback concerts" at the O2 arena in London, the same venue Prince played for 21 nights in 2007. The BBC notes that Britney Spears, whose tour debuts tonight (review coming later here on Pop & Hiss!) has an eight-night stay at the venue in June.

Writes the BBC, "Jackson would be likely to follow a similar pattern of a run of gigs at one venue, rather than an extensive tour. At Thursday's press conference, he will hope to convince fans he is fit enough to perform a number of full shows."

It's been more than a decade since we've had a substantial Jackson tour, and one probably should not be holding any breath for a last-minute Coachella appearance, despite the AEG connection.

The announcement is at 4 p.m. London time (8 a.m. here in L.A.).

-- Todd Martens

Screen shot: www.michaeljackson.com