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Tim Fite's Valentine's Day gift

February 13, 2009 |  5:16 pm

We continue our efforts here at Pop & Hiss to look out for the heartbroken. Of course, Brooklyn eccentric Tim Fite has made such a task a bit easier.

The folksy/poppy/electronic singer-songwriter has once again gotten into the holiday spirit with some free music. Available now on his website is the 10-track download "Change of Heart," a low-key selection of songs perfect for those heading into Valentine's Day as a free agent.

For those familiar with Fite, who records for Epitaph label Anti- Records, "Change of Heart" is moodier, more acoustic-driven than some of his past material, including last year's "Fair Ain't Fair." The song titles capture the atmosphere: "Waiting for Nothing," "Where Is My Woman" and "Hollow as Light," among them.

Fite himself sums it up on his MySpace page: "It is a bit different from my other recordings, because it doesn't have anything to do with the outside world. I made 'Change of Heart' while working on 'Fair Ain't Fair' and sorting through the wide array of emotions that result from a broken heart. For this reason, I ask that you handle these songs with care, as they are very fragile."

That's not to say this is a sleepy affair. "Dagger Down" hints at something quite vicious, with its lazy, Western guitar cunningly drifting the tune to a blast of noise. "Today was made for leaving," sings Fite, his voice a bit tired and a bit lulling. The song only hints at the drama beneath, but a shot of guitars and a brief display of electronics is enough to illustrate the tension.

An easier entry point might be the title track -- a more playful, pleading song. "I feel so bad about leaving," Fite sings. "You don't even have to get even." The keyboards are colored a shade of blue, but that's balanced with some light, bouncy guitar notes. Fite often gets written about for a being a bit weird (guilty), but "Change of Heart" is a fine example of the artist at his most pop-friendly.

Preview it below, and then go download the whole album. Again, it's free.

-- Todd Martens

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