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Paris Hilton wants to duet with Paul McCartney

February 10, 2009 |  4:00 pm

Remember at Coachella a couple of years ago when the Jesus and the Mary Chain performed with Scarlett Johansson for "Just Like Honey"? ScarJo did fine but it was definitely one of the more OMG moments of the festival.

Now we challenge you to imagine a somewhat similar deal but on a much more brain-shattering level: Paul McCartney and Paris Hilton. (What a perverse thrill it was to bold-face those two names together.)

Now that we've got your attention -- and yes, we realize that the picture of our city's blond heiress is what really caught your eyeballs -- we'll tell you the news. According to Spin, the 15-minutes-in-2006 pop star sidled up to McCartney on Sunday at a post-Grammys party and asked him if he would be interested in a duet. She went on to explain, "I'm a singer too and have had an album out."

McCartney has shared the mic from time to time -- this one with Michael Jackson really tickled me when I was a kid, especially with its cartoon "Deadwood"-era opening -- but he begged off from a collaboration with Hilton, citing his jammed schedule.

That's when Paris should've shown him that dazzling camera-snaring smile and scampered away, but she apparently went on to compliment not his amazing body of work but his "cute" hair. "It's just like in the Beatles." She's got a point, actually; he's pretty much rocked the same haircut since 1964, with only a little bit of variance in the back.

Anyway, the same impulse that made some of us wish to see M.I.A. go into labor at the Grammys makes us want to see Paris go on stage with Macca. Sacrilege, travesty, maybe, but there'd be a lot of jaws on the ground, in addition to crushed water bottles.

--Margaret Wappler

Hilton photo by Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty; McCartney photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images