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The Veronicas: because tween emo needed its own t.A.t.U.

January 8, 2009 |  5:33 pm

Have you ever wondered what would happen if, through some magical alchemical potion made from the bottled tears of teenage girls and record executives, you were able to combine both the Jonas Brothers and the mall-noir of "Twilight" into one juggernaut of under-21 pop culture consumption? Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the new video for the single "Untouched" from the Australian twin-sister pop duo the Veronicas, and it will end you.

The duo leaned more toward earnest pop-punk confections on their debut, "The Secret Life Of ... ," but on the followup album, "Hook Me Up," they seem to have found that exactingly target-marketed sugary middle between the spazzy techno-pop of Metro Station and the wanton arena-emo of Paramore. Which means you should probably steel yourself for repeated plays of this if you're going to spend any time in my car in the near future.

The fact that '80s fetishizing is officially en vogue among people born in the latter half of that decade should make more than a few of you feel like The Olds. But I bet you someone in their songwriting team's castle had CSS' "Alala" on the brain while writing this, and besides, this would be far from the first dual-frontwoman, steampunk goth-pop band you kids have seen fit to fawn over. Ten hipster scene points to whoever can work this into a DJ set at Bardot first.

-- August Brown