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So long 'Nick & Norah': Time to start getting psyched for 'Scott Pilgrim'

January 30, 2009 |  4:00 pm

In the post-"Garden State" era, indie rock has lost a bit of its cinematic edge, opting, often, for cutesy ("Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist") over biting ("High Fidelity"). It may still be a ways off yet, but "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" has the potential to provide a much-welcome musical jolt to mainstream cinema.

Starring Michael Cera, who may or may not partake in an "Arrested Development" film, "Scott Pilgrim" follows the exploits of a twentysomething Canadian indie rocker (Cera's Pilgrim) who attacks his life -- and his girlfriend's ex-boyfriends -- as if he's battling through levels in a video game. Today, the Playlist picked up on a piece of news that Pop & Hiss missed, and gives us even more hope for the comic-turned-film, which is being directed by Edgar Wright ("Hot Fuzz").


It's actually two bits of news. The first is that sharp Canadian rockers Metric have been asked to contribute a song to the film, according to Rolling Stone. The song is an unreleased track called "Black Sheep," a rough, kinda frayed rock song. It stars rather recklessly, but eventually settles into a more relaxed pace, despite the sometimes panicked vocals of Emily Haines.

To those familiar with the Bryan Lee O'Malley graphic novel series (Volume 5 is out in Feb.!) that inspired the film, it's easy to picture Metric standing in for the Clash at Demonhead, the dancey punk-rock band fronted by one of Scott Pilgrims' ex-girlfriends Envy Adams. In fact, O'Malley has hinted that Metric inspired the band, even posting a comparison of Envy and Emily on his Flickr page.

The other bit of Scott Pilgrim news -- from the same RS piece -- is that the Metric tune was requested for the film by Radiohead/Paul McCartney producer Nigel Goodrich. That makes the Playlist -- and Pop & Hiss -- wonder if Goodrich is music supervising the film.

More -- hopefully -- to come.

-Todd Martens

Ready to rock: 'Scott Pilgrim' has Michael Cera. Music?

Photo, top: "Scott Pilgrim" artwork / Bryan Lee O'Malley
Photo, bottom: "Scott Pilgrim artwork / Emily Haines / lifted from O'Malley's Flickr page