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Gaslamp Killer will play live score to 'A Page of Madness'

January 27, 2009 |  6:29 pm

Monickgaslamp400 Nothing pleases Pop & Hiss more than a good collaboration: the Cinefamily, the L.A. Record and the Los Angeles Film Forum have teamed up to present "Avant-Garde Silent Wednesdays," a series running in perpetuity at the Silent Movie Theatre that combines acclaimed vintage film with live performances. So far, it's resulted in Television guitarist Tom Verlaine and Jimmy Rip noodling over Man Ray, Fernand Léger and other Cubist-era non-talkies, and the last two weeks have featured Thavius Beck (a.k.a. Adlib) soundtracking "The Man With the Movie Camera," and the Free Moral Agents trotting out a full band, including horns, strings and analog synths, for "Berlin: Symphony of a Great City."

The final January installment promises to be the most inspired pairing yet, if our hipster funny money is betting on it. Gaslamp Killer, who claims to clear dance floors wherever he goes, despite holding court at Low End Theory as a resident DJ, will provide a live score for the 1926 Japanese film "A Page of Madness." Playing on two turntables and a serato (nevermind the microphone, Beck), Gaslamp (nee William Bensussen) promises to play a part-improv set, working in cuts from various Asian and Middle Eastern sources, including Ananda Shankar, not to mention This Heat, Broadcast, David Axelrod and the Japanese psych band Apryl Fool.

In other words, it should be suitably gonzo. Should you need any further verification of Gaslamp's intensity, check out this quote from an interview conducted by Chris Ziegler of L.A. Record:

You seem like you have a lot of high highs and low lows.
I have no balance in my life right now. I’m searching for balance.
Is that why you have half an afro and half braids?
Exactly! Highs and lows — always intense! Not only am I a neurotic obsessive-compulsive Jew — I’m a Scorpio! Every Scorpio I know is a freak like me. We’re very intense people. We don’t really have a choice.

And here's a clip of "A Page of Madness."

If you can't make it out Wednesday night, fear not. The Cinefamily/L.A. Record/Los Angeles Film Forum juggernaut is in talks with Free the Robots, Entrance, Imaad Wasif, Flying Lotus and other acts for future shows.

-- Margaret Wappler

"A Page of Madness" with live score by Gaslamp Killer on Wednesday at 8 p.m. Cinefamily, 611 N. Fairfax Ave. (323) 655-2510. $14.

Photo of Gaslamp Killer by Dan Monick/L.A. Record