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Name that tune with Leonard Nimoy and Josh Kun

December 8, 2008 |  6:30 pm

Josh Kun is the author, with Richard Bennett, of "And You Shall Know Us by the Trail of Our Vinyl: The Jewish Past as Told by the Records We Have Loved and Lost." The title says just about all you need to know -- but not quite. You should also know that there are images of hundreds of album covers in the book, charming, geeky, and even moderately psychedeli (above). And that they've rescued some records from their archives and released them on CD. Oh, and there will be two book parties -- one in New York on Thursday (tickets are $20), and one on Tuesday at the Santa Monica Museum of Art at 7:30 p.m. (free, registration required).

The Santa Monica Museum of Art book party will also be a listening party. Kun will spin records (and, he admits, some MP3s) from the book. And listening, playing name that tune, will be Leonard Nimoy. About that we needed to know more.

Jacket Copy: Leonard Nimoy is participating. Am I getting that right -- THE Leonard Nimoy?

Josh Kun: Yes, that Leonard Nimoy. I am very honored that he agreed to do this.

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