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Motorcycles meet rock 'n' roll in new RockMoto videos

December 1, 2008 |  2:56 pm

Rockmoto Grinding guitars and the distant memory of any time spent on the Billboard charts may be the only connective tissue between Incubus, Green Day and the Bravery. But there's another, less-obvious trait each band shares: At least one of their members rides a motorcycle. Starting Friday, Green Day keyboardist Jason Freese and other musicians will be talking to the camera about their dueling interests in rock-and-rolling on two wheels in a new Web video series. Fresh videos will be available weekly at RockMoto.com, a new social networking site for bikers who rock.

The site was first created to screen videos about musicians who ride bikes, but the concept was expanded to help existing riders connect with one another, to encourage new riders to enter the sport and to further drive home the notion that motorcycles and music are inextricably connected. So, registered users can post their own videos and exchange messages with other "rollers" through the site's MotoMatch service, which asks riders to answer music-oriented motorcycle questions, such as whether their "dream ride" is more Captain America or Evel Knievel, or if their preference at rock shows is to be pressed against the stage or out in the open with room to dance. They can also fill out a survey that, based on their riding ability and interests, will suggest different motorcycle models they may want to consider buying. Or they can tune in to RockMoto radio, one of two Internet stations connected with the site.

"A lot of the same emotions we get from music, motorcyclists also get from motorcycles," said Jessica Prokup, host and webmaster of the new site. Prokup is director of emerging market communications for Discover Today's Motorcycling, the promotional arm of the motorcycle industry. Rockmoto.com is funded by Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki.

Click here to check out Angels & Airwaves guitarist David Kennedy talking bikes and tackling hairpins on the racetrack.

-- Susan Carpenter