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LiveBlogging the Grammy nominations

December 3, 2008 |  7:07 pm


pophissaugust: Was he secretly in like Agnostic Front or something?
margaret0912: Record of the Year category...
margaret0912: Adele, why?
pophissaugust: This is a hugely Brit-heavy year
margaret0912: MIA, what's UP???
margaret0912: I like that
pophissaugust: "I play the cash register on that song," ha!
margaret0912: Good line
pophissaugust: Every nominee on that list was English
margaret0912: I'm a little sad that Estelle has gotten dissed. I really like "American Boy."
pophissaugust: Likewise, that song has really stuck with me, it's just so easygoing and summery
pophissaugust: and as an American, it feels good to finally have someone admire us for something

And thus concludes tonight's foray into Grammy live-blogging. Now we only have 29 days left until the big event. The clock is ticking.

John Mayer and Alicia Keys perform at the 2008 Grammy Awards.
Photo: Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times

More live-blogging reactions to the Grammy nomination special after the jump.


pophissaugust: Time for an MP3 pirating lecture!
pophissaugust: This guy always does one
margaret0912: Neil Portnow is totally harshing on my illegal downloading habits.
margaret0912: Wow, well, who didn't see the B.B. King playing with John Mayer thing coming?
pophissaugust: I hear there's some kind of new "museum" devoted to some "award" of sorts, do you know anything about this?
pophissaugust: Meh, John Mayer is Delta Chi with a record deal, but he can play. I don't really mind this.
margaret0912: He's also done some blogging on Huffington Post that ain't bad at all.
pophissaugust: I want B.B. King's jacket; it looks like he's preparing for re-entry in the atmosphere
margaret0912: Is it cheetah-patterned or is that just the wonder of my imagination?
pophissaugust: Paisley/Cheetah
pophissaugust: Not Brad, the pattern
margaret0912: Wow, let's get that on coats in H&M's winter line right now
pophissaugust: The Jonas Bros just gave that a standing ovation
pophissaugust: From one guitar god to another
margaret0912: I think they'd give a standing O to anything
pophissaugust: John Mayer has sleeve tattoos!
pophissaugust: I didn't know that!
margaret0912: me neither! Rough rush week at Delta Chi.

Veteran blues guitarist and singer B.B. King, photographed at the Sheraton Universal City Hotel in Universal City on August 27, 2008.
Photo: Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times



pophissaugust: Taylor Swift is country music's Anna Faris
margaret0912: Totally. The bubbly persona is real.
pophissaugust: The self-aware blond ditz who secretly knows she's hilarious in a savvy way
margaret0912: OK, this is the RIGHT song for her to do. There's a lot of baby-done-wrong smirk to this.
pophissaugust: yeah, this song coming from a teenager is a sly move
pophissaugust: ahhh, good segue to her hit
pophissaugust: I hope Joe Jonas is slumped over in his seat right now for dumping her
margaret0912: OK, but I don't know if I'm feeling the medley... it was so much more interesting before
pophissaugust: she's really made this her "Irreplaceable"
margaret0912: Yeah, "I'm going to find someone someday who might actually treat me well" seems aimed at a certain Jonas Bro who prefers to break up over the phone
pophissaugust: "The poetry of the street"
margaret0912: The finest words ever used to introduce the Rap Duo or Group category.
margaret0912: Jay-Z and T.I. = Duh!
pophissaugust: What's funny is I suspect Taylor Swift knows and loves all these rap songs
margaret0912: Ludacris' "Wish You Would" is one of the best tracks on his new one.
pophissaugust: She does a mean Eminem cover live.
margaret0912: She should've segued into that from "I'm Sorry."
pophissaugust: I haven't picked up Luda's new one yet, is it good?
In moments, it's very good but it's not innovative at all.

Teen singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, whose debut album became one of the biggest hits out of Nashville in recent years, selling more than 3-million copies before Swift had turned 18.
Photo: Ken Hively / Los Angeles Times



pophissaugust: Taylor Hawkins is flipping out on that falsetto back there
margaret0912: On TV the light panels on the side of the stage look pretty cool but if you were up close, it might be seizure time
pophissaugust: They're so much better playing normal pop songs instead of bad screamo
margaret0912: All right, Grohl's introducing the collab category
pophissaugust: Ahhh, the self-congratulatory montage moment
margaret0912: Right, because the best collabs have happened right here at the Grammys! Imagine that!
pophissaugust: Whoever greenlit the duo-with-dead-guy video collab idea should be swiftly deported to Neptune
margaret0912: Did you just see Grohl's semi-sarcastic mini-clap?
pophissaugust: Ohhh that Madonna/Timberlake/Timbaland song was miserable
margaret0912: I sort of liked "No Air."
pophissaugust: haha, what's with the robot voice for announcing the maroon 5 /Rihanna collab?
pophissaugust: Dave Grohl is tanking up there and it's great
margaret0912: He's having fun saying Rascal Flatts with every "a" in the name
pophissaugust: Wow I have never heard the name "Rascal Flatts" spoken with such loathing
margaret0912: Oh snap, Xtina's in the house
pophissaugust: Well, if anyone here can do Nina Simone, it's Xtina
margaret0912: She's taken Madonna's mantle away. She's the true chameleon these days
pophissaugust: She has really cute ears, I've never noticed that before, given all the bondage gear and what have you
margaret0912: It's true. It might be her best feature, behind her lips
margaret0912: And, well, I guess her voice is pretty good too
pophissaugust: Yeah, for all her prior insanity, she's the real article

Christina Aguilera on the red carpet at the 2007 Primetime Emmy Awards.
Photo: Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times



pophissaugust: Carl Wilson's book on Celine was really good, BTW
pophissaugust: he ends up weeping at her Vegas show by the end
margaret0912: and didn't the same thing happen to you?
pophissaugust: ....as I likewise did, shhhh
pophissaugust: Ha!
margaret0912: outed!
margaret0912: I feel confused by Celine singing folk while wearing leather pants
pophissaugust: Can TI come out for the bridge here?
pophissaugust: haha, she's like Madonna without the crucifixion complex
pophissaugust: I bet Celine buys really thoughtful Christmas presents for people
pophissaugust: "Lil Wayne for Thehh Cuuhtuhh Three"
pophissaugust: I'm handicapping Robert Plant or Coldplay for that one
margaret0912: Me too. I think Plant's the safe bet while still seeming rock 'n' roll and progressive
pophissaugust: They need to come back to earth after Herbie last year
margaret0912: I think they'll give Radiohead the Alt award
pophissaugust: oh surely, no contest there
pophissaugust: Oh wow, Foo Fighters doing Carly Simon
margaret0912: You know, I have some hope for this cover.
pophissaugust: Hey, is Pat Smear back in the band?
margaret0912: That would be a good move.
margaret0912: But where is he?
pophissaugust: Hey, this sort of sound like the first Foo Fighter record, which was great
pophissaugust: On the left, the blonde guy
margaret0912: Yeah, I think Dave Grohl is really feeling this

Dave Grohl of the band, The Foo Fighters, performs at the Inglewood Forum on March 5, 2008.
Photo: Lori Shepler / Los Angeles Times



margaret0912: So, Best New Artist category!
pophissaugust: Going from the Beatles to Katy Perry wasn't the best montage to express how far we've come in finding new artists
margaret0912: Adele, Duffy... zzz... Jonas Bros... this is getting bad!
pophissaugust: i have never heard the name Lady Antebellum until right now
pophissaugust: who are they?
pophissaugust: to the wikipedia!
margaret0912: Me neither... is that a shout-out to red-state watchers or something?
pophissaugust: please tell me they're like an emo Skynyrd
pophissaugust: ahh, okay, they won a best new artist at the CMA's
pophissaugust: So, yes, red state shout-out
pophissaugust: that's a really horrible name for your country band, though
margaret0912: It seems like the Grammys wasn't sure who might be the best new artist in country, so they just took a quick peek at the CMA wins
margaret0912: LL Cool J is now roaming... he just told the Jonas Bros. that the world loves them
pophissaugust: I remember little about the Antebellum south that was all that positive for anyone who lived there
margaret0912: He meant the world under 13, of course
margaret0912: Here comes Celine Dion, human Kryptonite to irony... or something like that.
pophissaugust: Celine sounds weird playing folk songs
pophissaugust: her Quebecois croak is not suited for this kind of quiet

Celine Dion performs in her world tour at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.
Photo: Lori Shepler / Los Angeles Times


In which our intrepid reporters Margaret Wappler and August Brown live blog the most relevant, newsworthy and utterly fascinating award show nominations in the history of humanity.

Mariahcareysm margaret0912: Mariah's singing her Xmas song I heard in Rite Aid last night!
pophissaugust: That's so apropos it hurts
pophissaugust: that said, wow, vinyl Sexy Santa dresses on her dancers
margaret0912: Can Taylor Swift and LL Cool J be a more random host pairing?
pophissaugust: Haha, LL Cool J thinks he's in the Staples Center
pophissaugust: If he turned 90 degrees left, he'd be disavowed of that
margaret0912: They've already touted the Grammy Museum, of course
margaret0912: Yeah, he might want to take a quick look past Taylor's corkscrews...

Mariah Carey performs at the "Idol Gives Back" fundraising special of "American Idol" in April 2008 at the Kodak Theatre.
Photo: Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times

--August Brown & Margaret Wappler