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Axl Rose's open letter to GNR fans: The Cliff's Notes

December 15, 2008 |  4:23 pm

Axl_rose__ First and foremost, it is long.

And that's where Pop & Hiss comes in. When "Chinese Democracy" was released last month, arriving after more than a decade of rumors and speculation and myth, something was missing: An artist to support it.

But Axl Rose has broken his silence -- kinda sorta. Over the past few days, the artist has supposedly gone straight to the Internet, responding to fans on his site's message boards. A spokeswoman for the artist confirms that it is indeed Axl who is writing these posts, and we -- like other media outlets this week -- will take her word for it.

So for those who want to get right to the point, and aren't interested in wading through a bunch of writings in response to things either said or done by former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash, here are some highlights.

This is all cut-and-pasted, straight from the rocker's message board:

On whether "Chinese Democracy" is an Axl Rose solo project: "I didn’t make a solo record. A solo record would be completely different than this and probably much more instrumental. I made a Guns record with the right people who were the only people who really wanted to help me try, were qualified and capable while enduring the public abuse for years. The songs were chosen by everyone involved."

On Slash's book, which largely puts the blame at what's characterized as Rose's unwillingness to compromise as the downfall of GNR: "Then you have the mind twisting equally as true [expletive] in Slash’s book but I have the rehearsal tapes. There’s nothing but Slash based blues rock and he stopped it to both go solo and try to completely take over Guns. I read all this if Axl would’ve put words and melodies on it could’ve… That was denied and I didn’t walk till several months after having 3 to 4 hour phone conversations nearly every day with Slash trying to reach a compromise. I was specifically told no lyrics, no melodies, no changes to anything and to sing what I was told or [expletive] off."

And just to be clear, if he does make a solo project, it will be . . . "Much more experimental and instrumental."

When's the band getting back together? How about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction? "Never thought about that , with the RRHOF. The whole 'mature enough' bit was cute. Not to offend anyone but personally I don’t have an interest and other than inducting Elton don’t quite get what it is exactly and who decides what. It seems to mean more to some than others and more so amongst fans. It’s nice to get recognition and have some form of acceptance but in regards to joining others the price is too high and just not worth it. It’s a ways away and seems a bit presumptuous to be contemplating being inducted now."

For more, including more detailed responses to his former bandmates, including why Rose says he claimed the name Guns N' Roses for himself, click here. And for earlier episodes in the Axl Rose Takes Over the Internet Saga, click here, where Rose discusses everything from John Lennon to Barack Obama. Or click here, where Rose talks about how he tries to go to Disneyland at least once per year. Seriously -- apparently he and Buckethead went a few times. Yo-ho!

--Todd Martens

Photo credit: Associated Press