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Thank you, boys: Jane's Addiction brings it back to the old school at El Cid

November 21, 2008 | 12:47 pm


We've already written enough this week about Jane's Addiction, so this time we'll keep it short.  More than 70 fans eventually made their way in last (plus 80 or so crew, guest list ticket holders and staff) night at El Cid in Silver Lake, with minimal drama at the door -- no fights over spots in line and lots of smiling faces. "This is what it used to feel like [to play live in Los Angeles] and guess what? It feels ... great," vocalist Perry Farrell said Thursday night after a tight and funky version (good to have you back, Eric) of "1%."

Suffice it to say, despite a few technical problems with Dave Navarro's guitar set-up, the show was worth the seven-hour (for some of us, anyway) wait.  Curiously, Farrell mentioned Goldenvoice onstage (Farrell and Goldenvoice have a long history) at one point during the evening, which some might take as a signal that the band may be gearing up for a possible return to the Goldenvoice-produced Coachella festival, which they last played in 2001. We have no idea if a slot on the 2009 bill is in the works, but it is interesting to note that the band's forthcoming box set, "A Cabinet of Curiosities," bows in April. Fortuitous timing, no?  The Jane's Addiction ringleader is at Coachella every year anyway, either as a DJ or just backstage in the VIP area repping L.A. as only he knows how in the desert; this coming year, perhaps he might get paid just a bit more for the two-hour and change drive east.

Regardless of what happens next spring, fans who got in to the gig last night were happy they were able to see the band.  As a grinning Farrell nicely put it before leaving El Cid's tiny stage, "Let's see Clear Channel top this one." Set list, video and some musings from Navarro after the jump.

Set list Thursday (songs in approximate order)

"Trip Away"
"Standing in the Shower ... Thinking"
"Then She Did"
"No One's Leaving"
"Mountain Song"
"Ain't No Right"
"Had a Dad"
"Ocean Size"
"Chip Away"

Video from the show can be seen here.

Dave Navarro posted some additional thoughts on the set last night on his blog at 6767.com.  Here is a sampling:

"I know that some people didn't make it in, but overall the night was much smoother than the La Cita show in terms of getting the fans in. Wristbands were handed out to the people waiting in line during the day to assure entry. I have to hand it to our management team and crew for seeing to our concerns about this."

"The whole night really felt like the old days... the music, the line up, the fans, christmas lights, candles, a hot little club, things breaking down on stage, the entire audience singing along with every word of the set... What a spectacular way to spend a Thursday night! Thank you to everyone who came down to support us."

-- Post and photo by Charlie Amter