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Paramore, and taking 'Twilight' too seriously

November 3, 2008 | 12:05 pm

While our cubicle pals have been counting down the days until the release of "Twilight," Pop & Hiss has been largely immune to the hype surrounding the teen vampire romance flick (largely -- "Twilight" has managed to bleed over a bit).

But perhaps the release of the soundtrack would change our tune?

Naw, not if judging by the video from the flick from FOFOB (friend of Fall Out Boy) Paramore. In the clip, singer Haley Williams and Co. are ready for a role in a daytime soap, looking oh-so-sad-and-confused in a forest.

One of the more tuneless bands in the FOFOB camp (try, instead, the playful vamp of the Hush Sound), Paramore's "Decode" song clunks along as it flirts with power-ballad territory, trying to draw-out the melodrama by scribbling  lighter guitar notes arounds its assembly-line riffs. Entertainment Weekly calls Paramore's "Decode" a song with "Evanescence-like romanticism," and seems to mean that as a compliment, but it also underscores the act's modern rock anonymity.

Our friends at The Playlist put together a fine post, running down alternate songs for the "Twilght" soundtrack, which also features Linkin Park, Muse and Iron & Wine. The Playlist gets at the biggest problem with Paramore's "Decode," and seemingly, the rest of the Alexandra Patsavas-supervised soundtrack: that it lacks any sense of fun -- any self-awareness that the end-of-the-world, blood-and-death metaphors for teen romance aren't really the end of the world. 

Pop & Hiss approves of the Playlist's rundown, which includes the Arctic Monkeys' "Perhaps Vampires Is a Bit Strong but..." and the Pixies' "I Bleed." One omission: The Sons & Daughters' "Taste the Last Girl," which takes a more mischievous approach to romance, with its boy/girl vocals that lap each other as the narrator tries to outrun "a genuine boy with a guilty smile."

--Todd Martens