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Five minutes with Xtina: Christina Aguilera takes a look back at a decade on top

November 11, 2008 |  7:30 am

Target_christinashoot2 To say that Christina Aguilera has had a remarkable career is an understatement.  The chart-topping songstress is now a bona-fide brand and arguably the heir to Mariah Carey's R&B throne.

While fans eagerly await a new record -- tipped as "futuristic" and perhaps marking a return to dance-floor bangers such as "Dirrty" -- Xtina today (Nov. 11) releases a greatest-hits collection, "Keeps Gettin' Better: A Decade of Hits," exclusively through Target and the retailer's website.

Pop & Hiss had a five minute chat via phone with the "Beautiful" singer late last week, when she shared a few thoughts on the last decade.  Suffice it to say, this new mother is not looking back in anger.

How does it feel to release a greatest-hits package already?  You’ve had such a remarkable career, yet it doesn’t feel like you’ve been here a decade.

I feel so fortunate. I can’t believe it’s been a decade already.  It’s not that new to me to revisit my catalog because on tour I do reinvent old hits of mine and sort of give them a new life.  But hearing the original versions in their radio form, was a trip down memory lane for me. It’s kind of crazy!

Is there any one of your older songs that you feel especially attached to?

There’s definitely one with extra sentimental value for me.

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Hindsight being 20/20, are there any tracks you wish you could have worked with different producers on? 

Well, it’s hard to say that because the music was perfect for the time where I was at as an artist. As a new artist at the time, I thank God for the songs I recorded because they allowed me to explode onto the scene. They allowed me to live my lifelong dream. I can’t knock that whatsoever. Would I record those songs the way I did then? No (laughs).  But it was great for the time being. I look back at all those songs feeling very accomplished.  You know?  This is a time when I’m a completely different person inspired by new things. 

Any cringe moments looking back a decade?

Sometimes, you have to have a good laugh and be able to reinvent some of the old songs. The direction I’m going musically now is completely different. It’s rewarding for me to be able to know that I have this material to release and that the fans have backed me through all the changes so it’s been really fun for me to look back at the past. 

Why did you choose to work with Target for the greatest-hits exclusive?  Did you approach them?  Or did the retailer reach out to you?

A little bit of both. It was the perfect choice for me. When I’m traveling on tour, one of my favorite things to do is to throw a baseball cap on and go to a Target. The company has always been good to me.  They’ve got such a great creative team. I’ve worked with a lot of different brands, and sometimes they get it creatively, sometimes they just don’t. Target is one of the best at really listening to the artist and understanding what they are about.   

What do you say to those on the Internet who are hinting that you borrowed Lady Gaga’s look?

You know, that’s funny that you mention that. This person [Lady Gaga] was just brought to my attention not too long ago. I’m not quite sure who this person is, to be honest. I don’t know if it is a man or a woman. I just wasn’t sure. I really don’t spend any time on the Internet, so I guess I live a little under a rock in that respect.

- Charlie Amter

Photo: Christina Aguilera poses for a Target commercial currently on the air. Credit: Courtesy BNCPR