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Wilco touts its own love on 'The Colbert Report'

October 31, 2008 |  6:29 pm

(And this is the last thing we're saying about Wilco today, we swear!)

Joining the esteemed company of Talk Talk and Metallica as bands who write songs with their own name in the lyrics, Wilco debuted "Wilco the Song" last night on "The Colbert Report" after the fake-news personality sat for a typically awkward interview session with frontman Jeff Tweedy. (Finest moment? When Colbert sagged his shoulders in an attempt to match Tweedy's barely-there energy.)

Though it's hard to imagine much time (or straight-faced effort) was spent on a chorus of "Wilco'll love you, baby," the band's usual head-bobbing hallmarks are chugging through the song in force, and it's always good to see Nels Cline maiming his guitar on national television. And, if you're possessed of the right mindset and Wilco nerd-dom -- something I freely admit -- that little hook will still worm its way into your head, even when Tweedy pays tribute to Colbert by subbing in his name for the chorus midway through.

Wilco also debuted two new songs at Neil Young's annual Bridge School Benefit last weekend, but good luck finding audio of those out there. Until then, tide yourself over with this little slice of mostly sincere Halloween candy.

--Chris Barton