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Report: Led Zeppelin closes in on new singer. Are we excited?

October 31, 2008 | 11:16 am

Bringing credence to a rumor started a few weeks ago by Twisted Sister's Dee Snider, Billboard.com is reporting this afternoon that the band is ready to make Myles Kennedy the new Robert Plant. Billboard's anonymous sources don't make it sound like it's a done deal, saying only that Kennedy is "first in line" (a negotiating tactic, perhaps?), but it seems to bring a Plant-less Zep one step closer to reality.

While not a household name, Kennedy isn't an unknown, either. He's been gainfully employed as the lead singer of Alter Bridge, which is Creed-minus-Scott Stapp. Excited yet? The move would bolt Kennedy up the tribute band ladder, and all the Zep die-hards across the pond can get a look at Kennedy next week, as Alter Bridge has a string of dates in the U.K. beginning Tuesday in Sheffield, England.

Here's a glimpse at one of Alter Bridge's biggest hits, "Open Your Eyes."

While Pop & Hiss won't pre-judge Zep 2.0 until there's some new music, the move doesn't exactly entice excitement. It would seem to imply the band is looking for someone to simply step in and sing, rather than help remake and shape a new band.

A few weeks back, Snider told Canada's MuchMoreMusic that a Plant-less Zeppelin was rehearsing with Kennedy. Snider was quoted as saying, "he can sing the ... out of Zeppelin." And they're gonna, like, hope that Robert, at the last minute, will go, "OK," and step in, before having the lead singer of Alter Bridge out with John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Jason Bonham.

It remains to be seen if the new band would actually be called Led Zeppelin. Earlier this week, in a post Pop & Hiss titled "Zeppelin Without Plant? Five Ways to Avert Disaster," it was urged that the band be given a new name, and go in a new direction. Most commenters seemed to be in agreement. Reader Sandy wrote that a Plant-less Zep "could break so so so many hearts," and Paul Morgan called a Plant-less Zep "a joke."

Others, however, said I was idealistic and missed the point. Reader "zorro" commented that "as long as it sounds and feels like Zeppelin, it is Zeppelin," arguing that the corporate brand is greater than any individual artist.

One side-effect: If this Kennedy report turns out to be true, Billboard notes that it also brings Creed closer to reuniting with Stapp, which Idolator has called the "scariest piece of music news" one will hear this Halloween.

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-- Todd Martens

Photo: Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, courtesy Reuters