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Sundance 2011: 'Son of No One' births a strong reception

January 29, 2011 |  2:27 pm

GetprevEven before it screened for the public Friday night, Dito Montiel's crime drama "Son of No One" already had generated a lot of headlines in the bubble of the Sundance Film Festival.

The movie became a hot topic after a story appeared in The Hollywood Reporter earlier in the week saying  that a number of filmgoers had left a media and industry screening early. That prompted a sales agent for the film to tweet against the story (which prompted a followup item in The Hollywood Reporter).

But despite the walkout talk from earlier in the week, the movie, which co-stars Katie Holmes, played to a warm reception at a full house of approximately 1,200 filmgoers at the Eccles Theatre on Friday night.

Montiel's movie centers on a New York City police officer (Channing Tatum) tormented by a secret that threatens to catch up to him. As the walls close in, he finds himself on the run even from his boss (Ray Liotta) and wonders if he can even trust his godfather, who's also the police commissioner (Al Pacino).

At a news  conference earlier Friday, the freewheeling Montiel, who was previously here with "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints," addressed the walkout story, saying it "drove him nuts" but then added, "Whatever ... the movie's great."

A handful of audience members did seem aware of the earlier publicity. "I heard Katie [Holmes] wasn't coming because of all the bad press," one moviegoer said to another. "She hasn't been in anything good since 'Pieces of April.'"

Holmes did, in fact, show up at the last minute -- and for the first time all week, nearly the entire Eccles auditorium stood up to gawk and snap photographs of a celebrity. She later took the stage with Montiel and the rest of the cast, who spent most of the question-and-answer session praising the filmmaker.

On the red carpet before the screening, Tatum -- true to actor form -- said he'd not read any of the press surrounding the movie.

"I don’t ever read those things. People have asked me some interesting questions today," he said with a smiled. When asked what he meant by that, he replied, with a wink, "I don't know, you asked me." (Check out the video with Tatum below.)

From the stage, the actor self-deprecatingly noted that he only had about "15 words or lines in this entire movie." "[Montiel] convinced me the less I did, the better I'd be," he quipped.

-- Steven Zeitchik and Amy Kaufman



Photo:  Ray Liotta, left, Channing Tatum and Dito Montiel at the Sundance Film Festival. Credit: Danny Moloshok / Associated Press


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Katie Holmes, indie queen?

March 25, 2010 |  5:59 pm

EXCLUSIVE: Speaking of "Son of No One," another bit of casting is also poised to go down on the movie: Katie Holmes is negotiating to join the cast of the cop drama (in a move that, after the testosterone of Al Pacino, Channing Tatum and Ray Liotta, would offer us another, er, chemical).

Hol Holmes would play the wife of a young policeman (Tatum) who uncovers an explosive secret after he is assigned to the working-class neighborhood where he grew up.

The part would continue an interesting pattern for Ms. H. 

After several years of quiet (Holmes hasn't had a movie commercially released since the ensemble crime comedy "Mad Money" in January 2008), the actress formerly known as Joey is suddenly back on the big screen with some frequency. But she's not taking the kind of generic studio roles that she at one time seemed to be on a trajectory for, going indie instead.

In Park City this year, Holmes had a Sundance double dip -- she played a thoughtful, slightly bitter twentysomething in the young-friends drama "The Romantics" and also starred in the adaptation of Jonathan Ames' comedy-drama "The Extra Man." Holmes also stars in the mid-budget horror remake "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark," although that movie's release status is unclear as buyers jockey over the fate of Miramax.

A burst of Holmes on the big screen, and in some pretty heady dramatic stuff? After her surprisingly impressive turn in "The Romantics," there are worse things.

-- Steven Zeitchik


Katie Holmes, newly minted dramatic star?

Tracy Morgan could star in a cop movie -- sans the laughs

Tracy Morgan could star in a cop movie -- sans the laughs

March 25, 2010 |  5:07 pm

EXCLUSIVE: Everyone seems to have an opinion about whether Tracy Morgan can be a dramatic actor. He's certainly used to shrewd effect on "30 Rock," where as the oblivious, pampered celebrity Tracy Jordan, Tina Fey and the show's writers have figured out how to deploy his skills to memorable effect.

Morg But can the actor actually pull off a part in a more dramatic movie? We may not have to wait long to find out. Sources say Morgan is negotiating to join the cast of a crime drama called "Son of No One" that's scheduled to start shooting in New York next month. It's a supporting part, but given the tone, still a notable move for the comedian-actor. (Morgan is coming on instead of Terrence Howard, who was in talks to join the cast but in the end won't star in the film.)

Morgan has of course just starred in a film about police officers, but "Son" is hardly "Cop Out" -- it's a gritty drama about a cop assigned to the working-class neighborhood where he grew up. Al Pacino and Channing Tatum star, and Dito Montiel, the director of "Fighting' and "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints" (and one of the better chroniclers of the streets currently working) is directing; Holly Wiersma, who's behind the upcoming cop-arsonist thriller "Stone," is producing the film, which WME Entertainment helped package and which Nu Image/Millennium Films will finance.

Morgan turns up in the upcoming "Death at a Funeral," a lighter movie. We have a feeling the deaths, and the funerals, will play a little heavier in "Son."

-- Steven Zeitchik

Photo: Tracy Morgan. Credit: Kevin Mazur / WireImage


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