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The new black? Black

May 19, 2010 |  3:37 pm

It's not the room that's getting darker.

It's movie posters. 

Besides the unusual trend of touting a film's release date instead of the film -- see the billboards for May 28's "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time," which gives bigger play to the fifth month of the year than the movie itself -- there's a distinct move towards one-sheets where the biggest cost savings appears to be colored ink.

These almost-all-black posters are undeniably eye-catching. After a certain point, though, they become a little bit indistinguishable and, in the case of "Buried" (the middle poster in the second row below), nearly inscrutable.

What looks good on rail-thin models, in other words, may not have quite the same appeal when it comes to movies.

Here's the current back-in-black crop:

Secretariat Africancats Piranha3D

  Beastly Blackposter Super8

Datenight Predator

-- John Horn


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