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Lindsay Lohan exhaustion: Comeback hits a new snag?

June 15, 2012 | 12:54 pm

Just a week after wrecking her loaner Porsche, Lindsay Lohan ended up back in the headlines Friday morning when paramedics were called to examine the actress.

Per our colleague Andrew Blankstein at L.A. Now:

"Lindsay Lohan was examined by paramedics on Friday after a co-worker on a movie she is filming became concerned that the actress looked exhausted, sources told The Times. One source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of medical privacy rules, said Lohan was resting after long stretches of filming and looked tired. She was checked out by paramedics and was not taken to the hospital."

The incident comes in the middle of a career resurgence of sorts for the troubled actress. Lohan is currently shooting the Elizabeth Taylor biopic “Liz & Dick” for Lifetime Television and hosted "Saturday Night Live" this past March.

Then again, comeback is a relative term where LiLo is concerned.

She’s set for an independent flick opposite -- wait for it -- Rob Schneider that's titled “Inappropriate Comedy” and has signed on to star in a new independent feature that could shoot this summer. Titled "The Canyons," it’s a soapy thriller with the strangest of pedigrees: directed by Paul Schrader, written by Bret Easton Ellis and costarring an adult films actor named James Deen.

But strange is what you get when producers are wary of casting you and few reputable insurance companies are eager to bond you.


Lindsay Lohan examined by paramedics after long film shoot

Lindsay Lohan unhurt in Porsche-vs-big-rig wreck in Santa Monica

Lindsay Lohan to play Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime biopic

'Inferno' director: Lindsay Lohan didn't quit -- we fired her

-- Steven Zeitchik


Photo: Lindsay Lohan this spring. Credit: Kristina Bumphrey / Associated Press

'Devil's Double': When one actor takes on two roles in the same film

July 27, 2011 |  4:51 pm

Actor Dominic Cooper plays two roles in the new movie “The Devil’s Double”: Uday Hussein, the sadistic playboy son of Saddam Hussein, and Latif Yahia, whose resemblance to Uday landed him the unwanted job of his body double. Besides double vision, the movie may inspire a sense of déjà vu in viewers — after all, making an actor do double duty is a time-honored Hollywood tradition.

Often, the roles are twins: Hayley Mills played separated twins of divorced parents in Disney’s 1961 film “The Parent Trap,” while Margot Kidder took it to a whole new level as a woman shadowed by her psychotic former conjoined twin in Brian De Palma’s 1973 thriller “Sisters.” Jean-Claude Van Damme played twins who were separated when their parents died in 1991’s “Double Impact.” Jeremy Irons played twin gynecologists in 1988’s “Dead Ringers,” and thanks to digital face-replacement technology, Armie Hammer was able to portray the Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler, in last year’s “The Social Network.”

Later this year, moviegoers will get to see Adam Sandler play twins — a male and female set — in “Jack and Jill.” Check out our double vision gallery to see more.


Dominic Cooper does double duty in 'Devil's Double'

The most famous comedian in Spain will be Adam Sandler's lover

Armie Hammer to play Winklevoss twins again -- on 'The Simpsons'

— Mark Olsen

Photo: Dominic Cooper stars as Uday Hussein (left) and Latif Yahia (right) in the movie  "The Devil's Double."  Credit: Lionsgate

A Linda Lovelace movie (or two) fights on

April 28, 2011 |  6:35 pm

The film world is sufficiently enamored of Linda Lovelace to develop not one but two biopics about the porn pioneer. But can even get one off the ground?

Lovelace is of course the late "Deep Throat" actress who became an anti-porn crusader; she's seen as an icon, albeit a troubled one, who endured tribulations in first breaking ground and then regretting it afterward.

A year ago, Lindsay Lohan was set to play the lead in "Inferno," one of the two independently financed movies about the colorful Lovelace -- before the tabloid fixture's off-screen troubles resulted in her getting the boot.

"Watchmen" star Malin Akerman is now on board to star as the '70s icon, confirms "Inferno" director Matthew Wilder, and adds that, though there's no financing in place at the moment, the project hasn't lost steam. Wilder said in an email to The Times that he and the film's producers are making a deal with Louisiana-based investors that they hope to have closed soon; they aim to finish casting the film (including the lead role of controversial Lovelace ex-husband Chuck Traynor, who is alleged to have abused his ex-wife and manipulated her into becoming a porn star) in time to shoot this summer.

In the meantime, directors Jeffrey Friedman and Robert Epstein ("Howl") continue to push forward on "Lovelace," their own take on the star born Linda Boreman, in what they call a "nontraditional biopic."

Reached by phone last week, Friedman told 24 Frames that "I'm pretty optimistic about [the fate of the project] today, but that does change by the day." The casting process, he said, is continuing apace -- Kate Hudson had been rumored for the lead role, though Friedman declined to confirm she was on board. The filmmakers hope that the project will come together within the next few weeks for what will also be a summer shoot.

Producers will generally back off a project if a competing film beats it to the production starting line. But the fervor to make movies about real-life figures can sometimes lead to two rival films being made and released, which happened in the mid 2000s when a pair of films about Truman Capote ("Capote" and "Infamous") came out within a year of one another.

The "Lovelace" filmmakers see in their subject's life a kind of pop-cultural origin story. "The seeds of celebrity culture were just beginning to sprout then, and while the phenomenon of Linda Lovelace feels so familiar with all the Web celebrity stuff we're inundated with now, but back then it was really something new," Friedman said,  adding "There was also the evolution of sexual consciousness in this country, and she became the poster child for various phases of that."
But it's not a surprise that a Lovelace movie would have trouble getting made. While 2005 porn-world documentary "Inside Deep Throat" (in which Lovelace figured prominently) was distributed by Universal Pictures, the studio world, and even independent financiers, has become more conservative since then. (Fox Searchlight is developing a movie about sexploitation director Russ Meyer, written by the "Lovelace" screenwriter.)

Lovelace also isn't an easy personality to decipher. As Friedman said,  "You need to take an interesting perspective on the story because her own perspective on her life kept shifting."


Producer: Lindsay Lohan will star as Linda Lovelace

--Steven Zeitchik, with reporting by Amy Kaufman



Photo: Linda Lovelace arriving at the Academy Awards in 1974. Credit: Associated Press

Would Lindsay Lohan make a good Victoria Gotti?

April 12, 2011 |  2:42 pm

When it comes to acting comebacks, Lindsay Lohan has had a few false starts. She was supposed to play porn star Linda Lovelace, until she wasn't. She's slated to star in an independently made Willie Nelson-produced action comedy, but that remains up in the air. Insurance (among other issues) has been a concern.

Now the latest potential role has surfaced. Days of rumors that she would tackle the part of Victoria Gotti opposite John Travolta in the independent "Gotti: Three Generations" were confirmed Tuesday -- sort of -- when producer Marc Fiore told reporters at a New York press event that he would like to have her in his movie. "Lindsay is a terrific actress," Fiore said. "Nothing has been finalized, but we are definitely in talks." Gotti herself then weighed in by calling her "incredible" and "a great actress."

For her part, Lohan still has to overcome some obstacles. She acknowledged to Extra last month that she needs to "take the steps that I need to take to prove that I can be insurable again."

Would Lohan be good for the part? Gotti is, of course, the daughter of the late John Gotti Sr., the convicted Gambino crime boss; she's also the writer of several celebrity-themed novels as well as a memoir, and also starred in the A&E reality show "Growing Up Gotti." She's been a tabloid fixture, but it's also a meaty and dramatic part.

Lohan has had few dramatic roles in her career -- among the few with even elements of that was the comedy-drama "Georgia Rule," and it wasn't exactly widely acclaimed. Her recent pedigree doesn't showcase a ton of chops, either -- the pregnancy comedy "Labor Pains" never even made it to theaters.

Then again, Lohan does know something about growing up in the tabloid spotlight. And she's getting to know the legal system pretty well.


'Inferno' director: Linsday Lohan didn't quit -- we fired her

Linsday Lohan not happy to be in rehab, says 'Inferno' director

Will 'Inferno' smolder without Lindsay Lohan?

-- Steven Zeitchik and Amy Kaufman



Photo: Lindsay Lohan in "Herbie Fully Loaded." Credit: Walt Disney Pictures



Malin Akerman jumps into 'Inferno' after Lindsay Lohan is fired

November 21, 2010 |  3:01 pm

Getprev After giving up on Lindsay Lohan for "Inferno," the director of the Linda Lovelace biopic says he has found his new leading lady: Malin Akerman.

Matthew Wilder had been hoping to break the news Monday, but after reports surfaced over the weekend about the new casting choice, the filmmaker told us Sunday that the 32-year-old actress had landed the part.

Wilder said that the film's casting director, Shannon Makhanian, helped bring Akerman in during the last couple of weeks at "lightning speed."

While saying that he'd "rather not pick the scab" of Lohan's firing, Wilder said that finding someone to provide insurance for the troubled actress "was proving a really tough obstacle."

"I really, devoutly wanted that to work out so badly, I really did," he said. "I hung in for a long time -- longer than most people would, I think. My respect for Lindsay's talent is huge. But it ultimately was just not a doable thing."

Though only last month the director said he had been in frequent contact with the 24-year-old during her stay at the Betty Ford Center, he said he had "no idea" how she had reacted to the news that she had been let go from the movie.

When asked whether Akerman had to audition to play the late porn star, Wilder replied, "Oh Lord no." He added that he believed many moviegoers would be surprised by the "Couples Retreat" star and what he called her "strength and groundedness."

"There are so many people out there who get some success doing a certain thing, looking a certain way, playing a certain kind of character, and they just want to polish that and stay in that forever," he said. "She is doing the 180-degree opposite."

Production on "Inferno" is slated to begin in February in Los Angeles.

-- Amy Kaufman


Photo: Malin Akerman arrives for the Museum of Contemporary Art's annual gala on Nov. 13. Credit: Paul Buck / EPA. 


'Inferno' director: Lindsay Lohan didn't quit -- we fired her

Lindsay Lohan 'not really happy' to be in rehab, says 'Inferno' director

Will 'Inferno' smolder without Lindsay Lohan?

‘Inferno’ filmmaker: I’ll wait for Lindsay, no matter what


'Inferno' director: Lindsay Lohan didn't quit -- we fired her

November 20, 2010 |  6:53 pm

Getprev After months of waiting for Lindsay Lohan to emerge from jail and rehabilitation centers, director Matthew Wilder has finally axed Lindsay Lohan from his planned Linda Lovelace biopic, "Inferno."

Reached by telephone Saturday, Wilder confirmed that he and the producers of "Inferno" had come to the decision to recast the film about the late porn star. He  denied a TMZ report that Lohan had quit the project, but declined to elaborate further, saying he wanted to avoid  "mudslinging." 

He did say, however, that he would reveal more details Monday about what occurred between the filmmakers and the troubled actress, and who would replace her. 

It was not long ago that Wilder seemed deadset on sticking with Lohan. "Not moving on, not recasting, not under any circumstances," he said in July. In October, though, the filmmaker admitted he was frustrated by Lohan's schedule, while also saying that he hoped to shoot after the 24-year-old emerged from her court-mandated stay at the Betty Ford Center in January.

As for Lohan, while the Lovelace movie could have drawn criticism, without it, it seems the actress has no definite job prospects lined up. This summer, the filmmakers behind a Willie Nelson-produced adventure comedy called "The Dry Gulch Kid" had expressed interest in Lohan. They could not be reached for comment Saturday.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen who will fill the actress' shoes in "Inferno." Share your thoughts on her replacement in our poll. 

— Amy Kaufman


Photo: Lohan at a court hearing in July. Credit: Al Seib/Los Angeles Times.


Lindsay Lohan 'not really happy' to be in rehab, says 'Inferno' director

Will 'Inferno' smolder without Lindsay Lohan?

‘Inferno’ filmmaker: I’ll wait for Lindsay, no matter what

UPDATE: Lohan movie 'Inferno' sets off internal firestorm 

Producer: Lindsay Lohan will star as Linda Lovelace and ... appear in Cannes?

Lindsay Lohan 'not really happy' to be in rehab, says 'Inferno' director

October 22, 2010 | 11:30 am

Getprev1 When Matthew Wilder, the director of the Linda Lovelace biopic “Inferno,” cast Lindsay Lohan in the film’s leading role earlier this year, he had no idea what he was getting into.

“Did I have an idea it would take all these turns? No. I thought we were in the closing chapter of all this stuff,” Wilder said Friday, referring to the 24-year-old’s infamous antics, which have recently included drug relapses and brief jail and rehab stints.

A Beverly Hills judge has now ordered the actress to remain at the Betty Ford Center until Jan. 3. She could have been sentenced again to jail for violating the terms of her probation in a 2007 drunk-driving case, but instead must now continue treatment at the Rancho Mirage-based rehab facility, which she voluntarily checked into in late September.

Wilder said he has been in constant contact with Lohan during her stay at Betty Ford.

“I know that she’s not really happy to be there. She says, ‘I’m not at a spa,’ ” the filmmaker said. “People say that place is pretty nice and it’s not a real rehab, that she needs a boot camp. But from the way she describes it, it doesn’t sound like incredible fun. I know that she says there’s a lot of free time there in between the stuff that they do.”

As for her state of mind, Wilder described Lohan as “very clear and cool, and not freaking out at all –- not flipping out. Like, very even.”

The two frequently discuss casting decisions for “Inferno,” he said, though no other actors have been officially decided upon yet. Production on the film has been moved from Louisiana to Los Angeles, and Wilder hopes to be able to shoot the film after Lohan is released from rehab in January. It should be completed, he hopes, by her next court date -- Feb. 25.

The director said Lohan has had plenty of time to rehearse for her role in “Inferno” over the last few months, and doesn’t worry about her mental clarity.

“The corollary to all of this is that when you have stuff like this going on, it makes you want to dive into work more, rather than wallowing in the bad,” he said. “People say to me, ‘Don’t you think it’s awful having someone do all this with all the turbulence in their life?’ And I think it’s better to really pull all of this stuff out of you, rather than doing some romantic comedy and having to be cute.”

-- Amy Kaufman


Photo: Lindsay Lohan exits her probation violation hearing at Beverly Hills Courthouse on Friday. Credit: Chris Pizzello/Associated Press


Lindsay Lohan avoids jail as Beverly Hills judge rules actress should continue rehab

Will 'Inferno' smolder without Lindsay Lohan?

‘Inferno’ filmmaker: I’ll wait for Lindsay, no matter what

Will 'Inferno' smolder without Lindsay Lohan?

September 19, 2010 |  2:00 am

Getprev When a judge ruled earlier this summer that Lindsay Lohan would be forced to spend time in jail and rehab, the filmmaker behind her next movie sounded unfazed.

"Not moving on, not recasting, not under any circumstances," Matthew Wilder, the director of the Linda Lovelace biopic "Inferno," said in July.

Last month, Lohan finished up her time early -- she spent less than two weeks of her 90-day sentence behind bars and under a month in rehab, where she was initially sent for 90 days. But now word comes that she has failed at least one court-ordered drug test.

And it sounds like Wilder may be starting to change his tune about waiting for Lohan no matter what.

"Let's see what the judge says," the director wrote in an e-mail Saturday morning, alluding to an upcoming hearing during which it will be decided if Lohan must head back to jail. She has been subject to random drug tests twice weekly since her release from a UCLA rehab facility in August. If she missed a drug test, or a test had a positive result, she could face 30 additional days in jail, according to this L.A. Times report.

"Inferno" had been scheduled to begin shooting in November in Louisiana, and Wilder said he had spent the last week "getting department heads" and "pulling together the other casting." The producers of "Inferno" weren't taking news of another possible delay in production altogether well, he said: "People aren't ... like ... overly enthused!"

Still, he and the film's financial backers have yet to give up on the troubled starlet.

"Our financier is actually surprisingly sanguine under the circumstances," Wilder said.

Early Saturday, Lohan took to her Twitter account to admit she had indeed failed a drug test.

"This was certainly a setback for me but I am taking responsibility for my actions and I'm prepared to face the consequences," she wrote.

"Substance abuse is a disease," she said, one which she is taking "positive steps" to "overcome."

Despite that proclamation, Wilder said Lohan's focus was still on "Inferno." Asked if the actress was still committed to the project, he replied: "Why would failing a drug test make her uncommitted?" 

-- Amy Kaufman

Photo: Lindsay Lohan's booking photo at Lynwood Correctional Facility in July. Credit: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department / Getty Images.


‘Inferno’ filmmaker: I’ll wait for Lindsay, no matter what

UPDATE: Lohan movie 'Inferno' sets off internal firestorm

Lindsay Lohan's once bright future takes a detour into troubled waters

‘Inferno’ filmmaker: I’ll wait for Lindsay, no matter what

July 6, 2010 |  6:12 pm

Lilo Lindsay Lohan will soon be headed to jail, and then rehab. Will she be headed to a movie set after all of that?

With a Beverly Hills judge on Tuesday sentencing the former child star to 90 days in jail and a subsequent 90 days in a drug rehab facility, Lohan’s already slowed movie career has hit an even deeper pothole. But the filmmakers behind one of her few film projects – the independently financed porn-star biopic “Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story” – say they’ll wait for Lohan even if it means delaying production into 2011 and beyond.

"Not moving on, not re-casting, not under any circumstances," director Matthew Wilder said in an e-mail Tuesday afternoon.

Wilder added that the production is "fully financed, prepared to go" but was nonetheless "fully committed to Lindsay," which meant waiting for her to emerge from her court-mandated period behind bars and in treatment. (There's no definite time frame for that, given that the sentence could be truncated, but it's likely she won't be available to work until late fall at the very earliest.)

Wilder has long maintained his commitment to Lohan despite the fact that the actress is difficult to insure on a movie set. That's at least in part because his financing may be dependent on Lohan; during the Cannes Film Festival in May, he said the actress had meetings with foreign sales executives and others "who, after having met her, put up money" for the film.

Lohan was also slated to appear in "The Dry Gulch Kid," an adventure comedy that would co-star Willie Nelson and be produced by his company. Upon hearing of Lohan’s sentencing Tuesday afternoon, producer Kerry Wallum said, “We have a bunch of music videos we’re doing right now, so we can just be busy until she gets out,” adding, “We hadn’t really negotiated the full deal yet, but we’ll see how it works. She’s a good actress. We’ll wait.”

Of course, given the shaky nature of independent film financing, waiting may be partly a function of confidence in Lohan -- and partly a function of a producer trying to lock down financing.

After her trip to the big house, Lohan will inevitably find more than a few talk-show hosts waiting to grab a piece of the post-prison interview pie. She'll also find at least find two little-known filmmakers eager to put her in their low-budget shoots -- among the remaining few who believe the troubled star is actually capable of a comeback. 

-- Amy Kaufman and Steven Zeitchik



Photo: Lindsay Lohan learns of her sentence in court Tuesday. Credit: Reuters/David McNew/Pool


Lindsay Lohan's once bright future takes a detour into troubled waters

Producer: Lindsay Lohan will star as Linda Lovelace and ... appear in Cannes?

UPDATE: Lohan movie 'Inferno' sets off internal firestorm

UPDATE: Lohan movie 'Inferno' sets off internal firestorm

May 7, 2010 |  1:38 pm

Lilolovelace We thought Lindsay Lohan's life was full of drama--but it turns out that the people behind her new movie "Inferno" are creating some commotion of their own.

On Tuesday, we reported that Lohan has signed on to play Linda Lovelace in a new movie about the troubled life of the late '70s porn star. The word came from Wali Razaqi, who says he is a producer on the film. Razaqi also told us that Bill Pullman was attached to the project to star as Hugh Hefner, but now says he was "misinformed" and that the actor will not be in the movie after all, which Pullman's manager confirmed.

Ever since our story was published, we've also been bombarded by messages from two other filmmakers, Chris Hanley and Jordan Gertner, who say they've never heard of Razaqi and that they are the rightful producers on the project. Razaqi maintains he is a producer on the film and says his company's name has been on the "Inferno" script that's been sent around town for months.

The film's director, Matthew Wilder, says Razaqi is an old friend who has been involved with the movie, but says Hanley and Gertner are the "bona fide" producers.

This all sounds like a messy producer squabble to us -- one which we'll leave up to the Producers Guild of America to arbitrate down the road -- although it does highlight the chaos of the indie-film world, where even a seemingly innocuous word like producer can be a relative (and loaded) term.

The important point in all of this is that Lohan will star in the project. Perhaps ironically, for once it's her movie -- and not the actress herself -- that's creating a stir.

--Amy Kaufman 

Photo: (From left) "Deep Throat" star Linda Lovelace and Lindsay Lohan. Credit: AP Photo/File.


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