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North Korea: Kim Jong Il's cinematic celebrity [Video]

December 19, 2011 |  7:00 am

For a leader who rarely stepped out of his native North Korea, Kim Jong Il has had a surprisingly prolific screen career, parodied in numerous TV shows and films.

But few sketches lampooning the late Communist leader were as memorable as his appearance in Trey Parker and Matt Stone's "Team America: World Police," the 2004 marionette-filled satire in which the North Korean ruler attempts to hold a peace ceremony for world leaders while detonating bombs in their home countries.

Incidentally, Kim, who died over the weekend, also had a love of movies. He once kidnapped a South Korean actor and filmmaker in the hope of creating a homegrown industry, and also reputedly had a love for James Bond movies, an association that doubtless brought joy to the people behind the 007 franchise.

In "Team America," the Kim Jong Il character first relies on, then spits at, Alec Baldwin, and generally sees his plan disrupted by a motley crew of American fighters from whom a certain thick-haired actor cannot save him. ("You are worthless, Alec Baldwin! You are worthless Alec Baldwin!")

In the first clip below, Kim gives heart-rending rendition of a song confessing his loneliness. Below that, a montage of moments from the film.





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