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Elliott Gould on Groucho Marx, Ingmar Bergman and acting

October 20, 2011 | 11:42 am

Elliott Gould
He's been a major movie star, a counterculture icon, the husband of Barbra Streisand and a lovable-and-busy-character actor. So to what does Elliott Gould attribute his half century of success in 'the biz'?

“I have been able to endure and survive,” said Gould philosophically during a recent interview in Los Angeles. “I accept my limitations.”

With his unmistakable unruly hair, laconic style and tendency to mumble, Gould has never been a standard Hollywood product. Though there have been peaks and valleys in his career, the twice-married — Streisand was his first wife — father of three and grandfather of two is busier now than ever.

“Dorfman,” a romantic comedy starring Sara Rue and Gould as her depressed widower father, opens the Hollywood Film Festival on Friday evening at the Arclight. He made “Dorfman” last year; this year alone, he’s been in seven more, including Steven Soderbergh’s “Contagion,” in which he plays a research doctor.

He’s so busy that he can’t even go to the “Dorfman” premiere; he had already committed to a festival in Wichita, Kan., that is screening another of his films, “The Encore of Tony Duran.”

Thanks to his supporting actor Oscar nomination for Paul Mazursky’s 1969 comedy, “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice,” his turn as the wickedly funny surgeon Trapper John in Robert Altman’s 1970 war satire, “MASH,” and as a Vietnam vet and former social radical college professor in Richard Rush’s 1970 comedy, “Getting Straight,” Gould became a touchstone for the counterculture 1970s.

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