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Sony Classics to release Lawrence Kasdan's 'Darling Companion'

July 27, 2011 |  2:34 pm


It’s been a while since audiences have seen Diane Keaton in a leading role on the big screen. In the last five years, she’s starred in a number of lighthearted ensemble comedies -– many of which, like “Because I Said So” and “Mad Money,” were critically panned.

But Keaton plays a larger part in her latest project, “Darling Companion,” which on Wednesday was acquired by Sony Pictures Classics. In the film, which was directed and co-written by Lawrence Kasdan -– the four-time Oscar nominated filmmaker behind movies such as “The Big Chill” and “Grand Canyon” –- Keaton plays Beth, a woman who rescues a stray dog. Her relationship with her husband, played by Kevin Kline, is fracturing, so she becomes close to the animal -– until her spouse accidentally loses him. A cast that includes Dianne Wiest, Richard Jenkins and Sam Shepherd are enlisted to help find the pet.

The film, which was produced by Elizabeth Redleaf’s company Werc Werk Works, is scheduled for release in 2012.  

“The moment we heard Lawrence Kasdan was making an independent film we wanted to become involved,” Sony Pictures Classics said in a statement. “ 'Darling Companion’ promises to be the kind of warm, engaging movie audiences are clamoring to see right now.

-- Amy Kaufman


Photo: Diane Keaton in 2007's "Because I Said So." Credit: Universal Pictures

Preview review: McAdams, Keaton, Ford shine in 'Morning Glory'

May 26, 2010 | 12:33 pm

Morninggloryfirstphoto Many who've seen the trailer for the new Rachel McAdams movie "Morning Glory" are already drawing comparisons between this film and "Broadcast News," the classic '80s workplace drama about reporters who fight and fall in love at a local news station.

But to be honest, "Morning Glory" kind of reminds of last year's Katherine Heigl film "The Ugly Truth" -- only, well, good. In that film, Heigl played a morning news producer who struggled against a network who wanted to dumb down its programming with a sex-fueled show hosted by Gerard Butler's character. 

In this movie, out in November, desperate job seeker Becky Fuller (McAdams) takes a gig as a TV producer at "Daybreak," a national morning news show with sagging ratings. She brings old hand Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford) on board, a famous TV anchor who stubbornly refuses to cover any fluffy news items and looks down upon his co-host, Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton).

One example of their on-air banter?

"I suppose I don't have standards?" Colleen asks Mike at one point in the trailer.

“Sure you do. When you got your pap smear on air, you wore a silk robe. Classy touch," Ford's character quips.

Meanwhile, of course, in addition to the sparring co-hosts, Becky has to juggle a budding romance with a fellow producer (Patrick Wilson).

Obviously, the cast here is pretty outstanding (Jeff Goldblum, who is great in this summer's upcoming "The Switch," also plays a smaller role in the film). Keaton and Ford look physically perfect as the two anchors -- she has the Meredith Vieira look down pat, while Ford's Brooks Brothers attire and combed-back hair scream a slightly older Brian Williams. It's nice to see Ford playing a lighter role after his turn as a solemn scientist in the horrendous flop "Extraordinary Measures" earlier this year. Toss in McAdams, who we've always been fans of, plus the fact that the movie was produced by J.J. Abrams and written by "Devil Wears Prada" scribe Aline Brosh McKenna?

We're there. Are you? Vote in our poll.

-- Amy Kaufman (Twitter.com/AmyKinLA)

Photo: Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton star in "Morning Glory." Credit: Paramount Pictures

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