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The Ivy League comes to the Wilshire corridor

January 19, 2010 |  2:13 pm

Harvardlogo Harvard University may be the home to some of the world's most esteemed professors, but there's one thing the school doesn't teach: how to make it Hollywood.

Nick Hasselberg, a senior football player who's interested in acting, says he always assumed he'd have to "blindly venture out here" someday without any knowledge of the business. "Harvard does such a phenomenal job of preparing you for law school and med school and they bring the recruiters from investment banks and hedge funds in, but for anyone who wants to go into entertainment, it's just kind of a mystery," he said.

That is, until he heard about Harvardwood, an organization that seeks to educate students about the ins and outs of Hollywood (and which was sponsoring an upcoming trip to Los Angeles over winter break). So this month, he and about two dozen students arrived in Los Angeles to make the rounds at Hollywood mainstays such as CAA, ICM and Sony Music.

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