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'Safe House': Universal looks for vivid visuals from Espinosa [video]

February 9, 2012 |  2:50 pm

Daniel Espinosa
Star Denzel Washington, who plays opposite Ryan Reynolds, thought it was a little odd that Swedish director Daniel Espinosa wanted to put his "Safe House" cameras behind his actors' heads, rather than in front of them. Producer Universal Studios was a bit taken aback when they saw the first batch of footage from the film's South Africa set, but eventually calmed down.

But the very things that give "Safe House" its unusual look are what separate the CIA thriller from any number of action movies. Even though the film is likely to lose to "The Vow" at the weekend box office, "Safe House" marks a notable arrival of a new filmmaker.

This week, John Horn profiles the young filmmaker, and in this video talks about his distinctive style:

-- John Horn