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Oscars 2012: Nick Nolte pushes his 'Luck'

January 24, 2012 |  9:51 am

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Nick Nolte's publicist roused him from a deep sleep to talk to the media about his supporting actor nomination Tuesday morning for his role in "Warrior."  “I’m doin’ all right. I’m just trying to drink coffee and eat some toast –- I just woke up."

Surely, the excitement of a nomination must be producing an adrenaline rush? 

“At 70, I’m moved you could say -– I don’t know you’d say excited. That’s for young people. Because, you know, you’ve had experience with these emotions by 70. It’s not as new and fresh. Some younger people get it, and almost pass out –- screaming and jumping up and down. It’s not my style."  

Did you think you'd get a nomination as many pundits had predicted? 

"It was tough this year -– it’s always hard to predict. I’m a two-time loser. You just can’t predict it. I can’t go by ‘third time’s a charm.’ As age enters in, Plummer’s got it. It’s sentiment there. But to draw distinctions about who’s the best, you can’t really distinguish."

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You have a new TV show, "Luck."

"It’s very good. You have to have a little patience with it, but once you do, it’s very good. Dustin Hoffman -– there’s great respect between us."

Is writing harder at this point than acting?

"It’s very difficult. You get inspired and start and then all of the sudden you realize -– this is hard work! I find the discipline is really rough -– you’ve got to write every day. Because if you skip it, you won't be able to write when you do get the ideas that connect the scenes. These scenes I’m [working on now] are coming very slowly and very hard."

If you could use the Oscar podium to forward any idea, what would you put out there? 

"We’re using this as a platform for 'Luck.' Of course. It sounds a little cold, but these things are really spread by word of mouth. I’d use that opportunity, definitely."

How will you celebrate today? 

"It looks like I’ll be doing this all day -– the phone is just ringing and ringing."

Seriously? No celebrations?

"No, I’m 70!"


And the nominees are ...

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"Artist," Scorsese's "Hugo" shine brightest

 -- Deborah Vankin

Photo: Nick Nolte as Paddy Conlon in "Warrior." Credit: Chuck Zlotnick / Lionsgate

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