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SAG Awards: Double nominee Glenn Close is having a 'wonderful' day

December 14, 2011 | 11:45 am

Glenn Close talks about her SAG Award nominations, one for her starring turn in the upcoming movie “Albert Nobbs” and the other for her lead role TV's "Damages"
Glenn Close is having a hectic but "wonderful" day. It's a particularly busy shooting schedule for her on the New York set of her television series “Damages,” but this morning, Close also scored two SAG Award nominations, one for her starring turn in the upcoming movie "Albert Nobbs" and the other for her lead role on the FX TV drama.

"It's wonderful, wonderful. I don't take anything for granted," she said on a break from shooting and still dressed in what she calls her "Patty suit," referring to her character, Patty Hewes "The Patty nomination was a bit surprising because we'd been away for a while, but it's a show with a very strong, engaged following, which is lovely."

Close said she is especially pleased about the two nominations for "Albert Nobbs," which opens Dec. 23 and is a passion project for the actress. She's lived with the character of Albert -– a poor Irish woman who dresses as a male waiter to find employment -- for almost three decades, having played the character onstage in a 1982 theatrical adaptation. She's also a producer on the movie and co-wrote the script with author John Banville.

"I'm really thrilled Albert was nominated. It's phenomenal. To be nominated by my peers, because of all that went into being able to finally make this movie, it's incredibly gratifying to me," she said. "To think [the film] was made for just under $8 million and took 34 days. When you see the incredible work done in that time, it represents some of the best there is across all areas, from the makeup and hair to our production designer, the DP, the actors -– everyone."

But the nomination Close was perhaps most jazzed about was Janet McTeer's, her costar in "Albert Nobbs" and her new BFF. McTeer, who was nominated for her supporting role, is in Europe today, but the friends shared a text exchange that showed their mutual affection and admiration:

McTeer: "Hurray. Well done darling girl."

Close: "Bravo to you. I’m so happy we'll be there together."


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-- Deborah Vankin

Photo: Glenn Close and Janet McTeer in "Albert Nobbs." Credit: Patrick Redmond / Roadside Attractions