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'Drive': Albert Brooks sheds light on his dark place [Video]

December 6, 2011 |  5:47 pm

Albert Brooks
One of the dark delights of the stylish thriller "Drive" is veteran actor and filmmaker Albert Brooks' performance as Bernie Rose, a onetime B-movie producer turned mid-level gangster who feuds with Ryan Gosling's laconic wheelman. Played with equal parts charm and menace, Bernie is a snappy dresser with an affable demeanor, but he's also a ruthlessly pragmatic mobster who won't hesitate to get his hands dirty if the need arises. And in "Drive," the need arises more than once.

"I wish I wasn't as familiar with the dark place as I am," Brooks said of his character during a recent conversation at the Envelope Screening Series. "To me, violence and all emotions are like a billionth of an inch from each other. And if you look at really violent people, they're generally the most pleasant people when they're not violent."

Treading the line between violent criminal and benign businessman is what makes Bernie so chilling, and so watchable. See more of what Brooks had to say in the video below.


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Photo: Albert Brooks in "Drive." Credit: Richard Foreman / FilmDistrict