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'Bridesmaids': Maya Rudolph, filmmakers on the art of the improv

November 19, 2011 | 11:45 am

It's a dream come true for a comedic actress when she's asked to come to rehearsal ready to improvise. Maya Rudolph, costar of the summer blockbuster "Bridesmaids," was just the lucky lady who got to play with her close friend Kristen Wiig and a cast of talented comedic friends. The result was the "comic gold" that you get to see in the diner scene when the two pals are rehashing Wiig's character Annie's tragic love life.

In this snippet from the Envelope Screening Series, check out Rudolph discussing the improv process, what director Paul Feig got to work with and how producer Judd Apatow reminds audiences that improv only really works when you've got a strong script to serve as your road map.


'Bridesmaids': How they orchestrated the bridal shop scene

'Bridesmaids' filmmakers: Who says actresses aren't funny?

— Nicole Sperling

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