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Word of Mouth: 'Paranormal' scares up fan, Twitter fervor [video]

October 20, 2011 |  4:13 pm

  Parnormal Activity 3

 "Paranormal Activity 3" has the best reviews of any film in the franchise, but what's more likely to drive the horror sequel's robust box office this weekend is the movie's word of mouth. Since introducing the first "Paranormal" movie two years ago, Paramount Pictures has used social media, and in particular with the third film, Twitter, to spread audience recommendations.

Fans in 20 cities were treated to sneak previews of the film Tuesday night, with the winning cities selected by how many "Paranormal" Twitter votes each metropolis was able to record — which brought the sequel to far-flung places such as Mexico City and London but also theaters in Fresno and Los Angeles.

Film writer John Horn discusses Paramount's fan-centric marketing strategy in this week's Word of Mouth column and this video:


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Scene from "Paranormal Activity 3" with Chloe Csengery and Jessica Brown. Credit: Paramount Pictures.  

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