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Michael Fassbender trailer has little 'Shame' [Video]

October 14, 2011 | 12:48 pm

Michael Fassbender

“Shame” has been a major standout on the fall festival circuit and is one of the most anticipated movies of this coming season. Steve McQueen’s auteur piece — Fox Searchlight releases it on Dec. 2 — stars Michael Fassbender as a sex addict who can’t emotionally connect with women; he tosses from the room a potential girlfriend without having sex with her, for instance, and instead calls a prostitute.

But you wouldn’t exactly know the movie is about sex addiction from a new trailer. In fact, you wouldn’t know much about it at all.

There’s the vague insinuation that Fassbender’s character has looked at some Internet porn and a sense generally of a man tortured. But there's almost no actial sex in the trailer — and what little sex there is comes off as the far more functional variety.

Instead, the emphasis is on a family relationship between Fassbender’s character and Carey Mulligan’s chanteuse, an important piece of the film but hardly its sole focus. And it's all interspersed wth unrevealing shots (in more ways than one) of Fassbender's character jogging through the New York streets.

To be fair, it is a Herculean task to cut a spot for this movie, which is all but assured an NC-17 rating.

"Man who can only have sex that’s kinky and with prostitutes" doesn’t scream Saturday night date movie. And clearly marketers don't want to exclude postings on mainstream sites (like this one). Still, it's fun to think about the people who will see the movie only off this trailer. If some "Drive" filmgoers were in for a surprise...


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— Steven Zeitchik


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