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'Breaking Dawn’ photos begin a Twihard countdown

August 19, 2011 | 11:17 am

After spending months tracking down the source of the leaked “Breaking Dawn” photos and footage, Summit took the wraps off the official images Thursday, offering the full online complement of "Breaking Dawn, Part 1" stills that appeared in the recent Entertainment Weekly. (Check out our sister Ministry of Gossip blog for the full "Breaking Dawn" photo gallery.)

We’ll leave to more Twihard-y minds to parse the meaning of the pictures of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and others -- though to our lay eyes they show the contrast of Bella and Edward in post-marital bliss (the soft glow of a bedroom scene) with the portentous suggestion of all that's coming to get them (the frightened look on Edward’s face in the water shot). There's also  something weird about a fidgety outsider like Bella Swan getting pampered in a wedding suite, "Bridezillas" style, per the above photo.

We will say that the filmmakers' earlier concerns about the leaked photos -– Stephenie Meyer, director Bill Condon and others got together and released a statement, and Robert Pattinson had some harsh words too –- was understandable at the time.

But as we suspected back then, it hasn’t derailed the marketing train one bit, The photos yesterday were rolled out exactly three months in advance of the movie’s Nov. 18 release, and seem to have obliterated any memory of the earlier shots in the collective Twihard hive mind.  Next up for said devotees is the next piece of video footage (the first trailer premiered at the MTV Movie Awards in early June). With the three-month clock now ticking, that piece of footage is no doubt just a short, strategically calculated time away.


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--Steven Zeitchik


Photo: Ashley Greene, left, Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed in "Breaking Dawn." Credit: Andrew Cooper/Summit Entertainment